Ocean City Citizen Survey Sent To Random Households

OCEAN CITY – The Town of Ocean City is conducting a citizen survey. Postcards were recently mailed notifying a randomly selected sample of households that the survey will be coming this week.

The survey will assist the town in measuring service performance, assessing community needs and making long-range and short-term strategic plans. The Mayor and City Council approved the project in the current budget and the town has contracted with the National Research Center to conduct the survey.

A citizen survey is a general survey of resident attitude about local quality of life, quality of service delivery, resident activity and resident demography. The survey will provide a vehicle through which the voices of those who are the typical recipients of government services are joined with those who usually chart the direction of government.  The Mayor and City Council hope to obtain perspectives on service delivery and community quality that cannot be deduced from records of complaints, comments at public hearings or whispers at community picnics.

The survey addresses quality of life, quality of community characteristics, speed of growth, potential problems affecting the community, safety, service delivery, public trust, local policy questions and local demographic statistics. Additionally, the National Research Center will compare the results to those of other communities in the U.S. and provide a written report of the data collected.

The town will have a completed report by the end of November. Citizens who receive the survey are encouraged to complete and return it in a timely manner.