Trust Fund Created For Children Of Former Local

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City area’s boundless generosity is being sought again, this time for the three children of a long-time resident of the area and commercial fishermen left parentless when their mother and father were killed in a automobile accident in Maine in late August.

Cory Openshaw, who lived and worked as a commercial fisherman and construction worker in the resort area for several years from 2000 to 2004, was killed in a head-on collision in Ellsworth, Maine on Aug. 24 along with his wife, Stacey Collins. The couple’s three children: Connor, 10, Garrett, 7; and Morgan, 2, were also in the vehicle and each suffered extensive injuries although they are all recovering.

Openshaw was a commercial fisherman and clammer who worked on several of the boats in the West Ocean City harbor during the four years he was in the resort area. He also worked construction when not employed as a commercial fisherman. He left the area in March 2004 with his wife, Stacey, and their children, and started life anew in Sullivan, Maine.

On Aug. 24, the Openshaw family collided head-on with another vehicle along Route 1A in Ellsworth, Maine. Cory Openshaw and his wife Stacey were killed in the accident. The three children all suffered serious injuries but are on the road to recovery. The oldest, Connor, 10, has had his spleen removed. The middle child, Garrett, 7, suffered a fractured spine and a rip in his intestine, while the baby, Morgan, suffered a broken neck and two broken legs.

The three children are all recovering from their injuries, but are now without parents and facing a long road to recovery. A trust fund has been established in their name in their father’s original hometown of Brick, N.J. Anyone who remembers Openshaw and would like to contribute to fund established for his children are encouraged to send a check to the Openshaw Children Fund, C/O Ocean First Bank, P.O. Box 4280, Brick, N.J. 08723.