Voices From The Readers

Lifeguard Parking Spots A Good Idea


Last week I read with interest a letter by Mike Glynn concerning Surf Rescue Technician (SRT) parking. I completely agree with the thoughts in his letter.  There are just a few additional thoughts I would like to add to this debate.

These young men and women are to be applauded for their outstanding work. They are our first responders when there is an emergency in the water or on the beach. They do indeed put themselves at risk every time they go out for a rescue in the surf. I believe we all need to remember that.

The idea of designating a parking spot on each street where there is a SRT stand seems a small form of appreciation. I, too, live in north Ocean City and see the SRT’s having to park on the other side of Coastal Highway and run across carrying all their essential equipment daily. What would be wrong with assigning a spot at the top of the street near the beach for the on duty person?

I think Council President Joe Mitrecic needs to rethink his opinion on this. The spot could be designated the same way other reserved spots in town are. There would be a sign reading "SRT parking only" and that spot would be stripped in red. If there is someone parked in the spot illegally, the area supervisor could call the police and have the offender ticketed.

This spot would guarantee the SRT accessible parking when the street is crowded and enable them quick access to their duty station. If Mr. Mitrecic is so against designated parking spaces perhaps he would be willing to give up his marked designated spot along with the other council people on the lot next to City Hall.

Len Bender

Ocean City

Goodbye To OC


Well, it has been a nice run visiting Ocean City for the past 25 years, but as we all know times change. I am sorry to say not for the better in Ocean City.

I took a walk from the Inlet to 3rd Street and wondered why Ocean City was letting people wash their clothes in the ocean. Over three quarters of the people there were in the ocean with full sets of clothes on, it looked like wash day in a third world country, people can afford an escalade SUV but no bathing suits? Not to mention tables set up on the beach under huge canopies like they were camping for a week. Did I smell a hibachi?

I wish I would have known it was okay to take a complete outdoor shower on the Boardwalk, I would have brought my shampoo, like everyone else.

Are they spending any money in town because it looks like they bring enough food for a week?

It is unbelievable, what this quiet little town has turned into.

What is going on here? Why can’t the Mayor and Council take control of the situation? Keep your eyes closed and everything will go away, right? Does anyone else feel the same way? Why are there hammocks under the pier? One early evening we found a battery and at least 10 diapers under that pier as we were taking our walk. Do you want me to tell you who are leaving these items? I think we all know, but we must be politically correct, right?

Did anyone notice the Spanish graffiti on the trashcans, poles and soda machines?

I got an idea; everyone is talking about the money that is needed for tourism, why don’t you advertise on the Telemundo network and the Las manna newspaper that should bring in more of the cliental you are catering to.

Your campaign slogan can read “Travel To Ocean City For Under $1”.

Patrick Oshea

Lancaster, Pa.

Thanks For Support


On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Diakonia, I wish to thank all those who made our 35th Anniversary celebration a memorable occasion. The success of the program, founded in 1972, was symbolized by the presence of a former guest who is now an outstanding member of our community.

A special thank you goes to Claudia Nagle, our executive director who lives and breathes helping others. Thank you to the Board of Directors, Harry How, Bill Breedlove, Bill Burke, Father Michael Moyer, Mary Smith, Heather Stansbury, Rita Taylor, Sandra Venable and Fred Wise for selling tickets, getting auction items and helping in many ways.

My good friends, Arlene Page came with a friend Mary Gray to help, and Dottie Ambrose and her daughter Wendy Coe, Sandra D’Alessandro and Barbara Van Sack, Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau and Carolee Humphries, thank you. Our gratitude to Delmarva Chorus with Carol Ludwig and to David Miller as Dave the Fruit Guy for the fantastic entertainment. Thank you for the snow cone machine donated by Michelle Myers at Parties your Way, the hand held fans donation by Ayres, Jenkins, Gordy and Almand and API. Thank you to Fresh Pride, Bobbie and Debbie for the tasty and beautifully decorated cakes, great job. Thank you to Tracey Hofman from Maggie Moo Ice Cream.

Auction Items donated by Angelo’s, Alzheimers Association, author Tom Patton, Bank of Ocean City, Berlin Florist, Boardwalk Popcorn, Cody’s Christmas Shop, Comcast Spotlight, Comfort Inn, Donaway’s, Glen Riddle Golf Course, Hall’s, Kite Loft, Lighthouse Sound Golf Course, Paper People, photographer Nancy Powell, River Run Golf Course, Robin Walter Salon, 65th St Slide and Ride, Treasure Chest, Victorian Charm, Visions Day Spa and Windows on the Bay.

We are grateful to the Berlin Chamber for letting us borrow its golf mat, Ruddo’s Golf for the putter and balls, Jim Nooney, our Master of Ceremonies, and to Jim Adcock for his one-of-a-kind art piece “Serenity at Sunset” for our live auction, and to Centerplate’s Chef Gary Leach and his staff for providing a great meal and excellent service. We really appreciate the effort made by everyone involved and say again “thank you”.

Jody L. Falter


(The writer is a member of the Board of Directors of Diakonia.)

Ocean City Employees Deserve Recognition


For the third year, the Boardwalk Development Association (BDA) honored city workers who maintain and clean the Boardwalk, comfort stations and the beach all summer long. The ceremony was held under the landmark Boardwalk arch at North Division Street on Labor Day. All who attended, including Mayor Rick Meehan and Councilwomen Mary Knight and Nancy Howard, agreed that the workers are our unsung heroes.

Various Boardwalk businesses donated gifts and merchandise for all the hard work the City Employees do. Bruce Gibbs and his staff will distribute the gifts, including dining gift certificates, overnight stays, candy, souvenirs, t-shirts, boogey boards and jewelry. We would like to acknowledge the Boardwalk merchants who supported this event and hope our visitors will patronize the following businesses:

Alaska Stand, Beach Walk Hotel, Candy Kitchen, Conner’s Beach Cafe, Dolles Candy, Dough Roller, Fishers Popcorn, Funcade, Fun City, Inn on the Ocean, Island Jewelers, Kite Loft, MR Ducks, O.C. Babies, Park Place Jewelers, Park Place Hotel, Peppers, Shoppers Paradise, Sunspecs, T-Shirt Factory, Tony’s Pizza and Trimper’s Rides

We would like to thank all the city employees for the great job they have done this summer and to the Boardwalk merchants for their support.

Vicki Barrett

Bob Givarz 

(Barrett is the president of the BDA and owner of Inn on the Ocean, while Givarz chaired the event for the BDA and owns the Alaska Stand.)

Outstanding Police Work


On the evening of Aug. 27, my family and I became victims of a crime. Our cars, which were in our driveway, were burglarized and property was taken. The Worcester 911 system worked beautifully and I was put in touch with the OCPD immediately. A seasonal officer, Eddie Stokes, was on the scene in a matter of minutes. He took a detailed report and told me he would do his best to recover what was stolen. He was very kind, sympathetic and helpful.

The next morning, miracle of miracles, he had found my stolen property and asked me to come and identify it. Cole Blackwell, who runs a nearby pawn shop, was advised by Officer Stokes to be on the lookout for my stolen things and was able to get a description of the “Bonnie and Clyde” couple and their car and license plate when they came in and they were subsequently apprehended in Delaware after a lengthy crime spree which started in North Carolina.

I want to thank the excellent 911 system and especially Officer Stokes (and the OCPD) for his diligence and Cole Blackwell for his good work.

It’s a pleasure to be a resident of this town with its fine police department and its good citizens like Mr. Blackwell. I hope Officer Stokes becomes a year-round fixture around town.

Thanks again,

Deborah (Holly) Calcara