My Thoughts

Insider read the other day where a young-timer/newspaper columnist named Kevin Cowherd had the same thoughts as the old guy on the ridiculous erective dysfunction ads being aired on television. The columnist talked about a commercial the old guy has never seen. It involves a group of old-timers singing about the joys of having a drug to help them have sex before they all part ways to go presumably do just that. It is unclear if it’s together or with other people.

School starts next week, and there was a time when the old guy used to go to area schools and watch the young kids getting off the school bus for the first time. What an emotional day it is for these young-timers, who are all dressed to the hilt with the latest in 6-year-old fashion. Some are so excited to get off the school bus they can’t stand it, while others have been crying ever since their parents left them at the bus stop. Insider enjoyed watching these annual displays up until a few years ago when he was kindly informed by a local lawman he was trespassing and could be arrested for being on school grounds. For some reason, it seems the authorities are not okay with an old guy sitting in his car at a school watching young kids get off a school bus.

The old guy always enjoyed the school bus. It was a lot different years ago than it is today, but Insider bets there are still a lot of similarities. After all, how far can a school bus actually come. They are still yellow. Surely, the older kids still get to sit in the back of the bus and be as unruly as possible while the young kids sit close to the front. In addition, the driver must still have one of those oversized mirrors so they can see all the kids behind them without taking their eyes off the road. Of course, there are some differences. The buses are a lot bigger these days. On Insider’s first bus he can remember, there were only 12 or kids on it. By the looks of it today, there are at least 60 kids riding. Back when Insider was a tike, school bus drivers used a makeshift bullhorn to get the students’ attention. Today, the old guy hears there is some sort of speaker system installed. Insider always liked riding the bus and wondered why it was so traumatic for some, maybe it’s the whole separation anxiety thing or it could just be the scary drivers who seem to only grunt every morning.

At the top of Insider’s list of the best books of all time is the bible.