My Thoughts

It was 3:12 a.m. according to Insider’s trusty alarm clock. That’s when the old guy woke up and thought he had died and was in heaven. There’s nothing like being awaken by a downpour of rain. It sounded like people were standing outside the old guy’s bedroom windows and throwing huge buckets against the bedroom windows and across his roof. It was followed by the occasional boom of thunder and illuminating lightning strikes. The thunder was so loud it brought Insider’s best friend, the dog, off the couch and up to the side of the bed for a moment before burying herself under the bed, a source of comfort for some reason. The lightning was so bright it gave the whole room a different perspective. Any room looks unique when Mother Nature provides the only power source. You know what Insider means if you were awake during that storm on Sunday night. After enjoying the fact he had a roof over his head and was not braving the elements outside, Insider rolled over and pinched himself. He was not dead, but he knew this was as close to heaven as he might ever get. Insider slept till 11 a.m. that morning. When he got out of bed, the old guy saw water all over the windows outside the bedroom. That’s when you know it’s a good rain when it comes through the screens and hits against the panes of glass.

Insider hears the latest and greatest phrase being used among today’s youth is "It’s all good." It seems the young-timers use this phrase quite a bit. Whether it’s a question about how things are going, whether they have cleaned this room or taken the trash out or even if they have to work, the answer is: “It’s all good." The old guy does not even know what that means and has added it to the list of questions he keeps all year for the young family members who come to the house to ruin this holiday or that holiday in the winter.

You’re an old-timer if: you don’t know what "It’s all good" means; crying is something only reserved for the most terrible of occasions; your pants have a crease in them; Mickey Mantle is still the best baseball player you ever saw; you don’t have a television in your bedroom; you enjoy rainy days; you hated to see a guy named Bonds break a record held by a guy named Aaron; you polish your own shoes; you’ve ever had a prostate exam; you remember when slot machines were in Ocean City; you look at the keys to type on your typewriter; and you know the local pharmacist by his first name.