Wednesday, July 11 – OC Police Nab Teens After Vandalism Spree

OCEAN CITY – Two 18-year-old Pennsylvania men were arrested Friday after damaging several cars in parking lots on 94th Street and 100th Street.

Police received a call shortly after 4 a.m. Friday from a newspaper delivery driver who witnessed two teens break the windows out of five vehicles in the 94th Street Mall parking lot. The witness told police the men were running north from the lot.

A witness told police the men entered a unit on Old Landing Road. Officers obtained a search warrant for the unit. Once inside, officers spoke with several young men in the unit. It became apparent that only two were responsible for the damage.

Police arrested Matthew Lanyon of Schavertown, Pa. and David Caruso of Dallas, Pa. Officers also discovered marijuana in their room as well as a camera that was stolen from one of the vehicles.

Both men were charged with seven counts of Malicious Destruction, Malicious Destruction Scheme, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Misdemeanor Theft, and Rogue and Vagabond. Over $10,000 in damage was done to these vehicles. Each was released after posting $50,000 bond.

The vehicles in the 94th Street Mall parking lot were commercial vehicles owned by Century Carpet Cleaning. Another car, parked in the 100th Street Public parking lot, sustained damage from being kicked. It is owned by a Pennsylvania man.