Man Threatens To Kill Troopers, Self

BERLIN – A mentally disturbed local man on Monday summoned Maryland State Police troopers to his Gum Point Rd. residence for a harassment complaint before threatening to kill the officers and take his own life.

The bizarre situation unfolded last Sunday when Robert Sturgeoner Phillips, 50, of Berlin, called the Maryland State Police to make a harassment complaint. Phillips provided information in his initial call indicating he was mentally disturbed. Troopers responded to his residence on Gum Point Rd. near Ocean Pines to check on his welfare and the nature of his complaint.

Phillips called the state police a second time, agitated troopers had not yet arrived and instructed the officers to come to the front door of his residence. While the responding troopers were approaching the house, they were suddenly illuminated by the lights of a parked car Phillips was sitting in on the driveway. Phillips told the troopers he had a gun and motioned as if he were reaching for the gun.

The troopers ordered Phillips to the ground at gun point and when one of the officers moved in to handcuff the suspect, Phillips grabbed the trooper’s arms and reached for his service revolver. Other troopers moved in and were able to subdue Phillips, who was found with a loaded CO2-powered BB gun designed to look like a .45-caliber pistol.

Phillips repeated several threats at the scene, and while in custody told police “he will eventually kill a trooper and die in the process,” according to police reports.

Phillips was charged with assault, weapons offenses and resisting arrest. He was taken before a District Court commissioner and held on a temporary commitment. A mental evaluation will be conducted by the court.