Missing Man, Children Found

OCEAN CITY – A breaking story earlier this week involving a Montgomery County man who was reportedly headed to Ocean City where he planned to kill his two children and then himself had a happy ending of sorts when the suspect succumbed to authorities late Monday night after a massive search was initiated last Sunday.

Ocean City police received word Sunday from the Montgomery County Police Department a “critically missing” family, including a father and two children, ages eight and 10, could be heading to the resort area after investigators there learned he made verbal and written statements he intends to kill his children and himself.

Montgomery County investigators told OCPD officials Monday to be on the lookout for Navid Eghterafi Hajaf Abadi, 43, and his two children, Anis Eghterafi, 8, and Juliette Eghterafi, 10. Montgomery County detectives responded to a relative’s home in Olney around 5:15 a.m. last Sunday morning for a missing persons report. Abadi had made written and verbal statements he is going to kill his children and himself and was reportedly headed toward Ocean City, according to police reports.

The OCPD and other law enforcement agencies across the state issued alerts on Monday to be on the lookout for Abadi and his two children, who were reportedly traveling in a silver 1999 Honda CRV. Late Monday night, after several unsuccessful attempts to call Abadi, Montgomery County police were able to successfully reach the suspect while he was driving with his children in northern Virginia.

Police eventually convinced Abadi to drive from Interstate 66 to near the intersection of Interstate 270 and Interstate 370 in Montgomery County, where he was pulled over and taken into custody without incident. The children were then returned to their mother and reported to be in good health.

Eghterafi was taken to a local hospital for observation. Police said no weapon was found in the vehicle, and Eghterafi did not confirm to police that he was planning to harm himself or the children.

According to (ITALICS)The Washington Post, authorities said Abadi was depressed after losing a court battle on Friday to expand his custody of the children. In an interview, the children’s mother said she and their father separated in 2000 and divorced two years later, she said.

Twins Nabbed in OC Drug Bust

OCEAN CITY – Twins from Lusby, Md. were arrested early Tuesday morning after selling marijuana to an undercover OCPD narcotics agent near the Boardwalk at Somerset Street.

Around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday, an undercover OCPD narcotics detective approached Natice Jones, 18, of Lusby, Md., and asked her if she had any marijuana she wanted to sell. Natice Jones then gave the officer her cell phone and told him to call her later. About 20 minutes later, the officer called Natice Jones and she told him to meet her at Somerset Street and the Boardwalk.

Natice Jones told the officer she would send her sister to meet him. Around 12:45 a.m., Natice Jones’ twin sister, Sherese approached the detective and told him her sister had the marijuana. The detective watched as Sherese met with her sister a short distance away. Natice Jones handed Sherese a small package and motioned to the detective to follow her down Somerset Street.

When they met on Somerset Street, Sherese Jones handed the detective a cigar tube filled with marijuana. After the detective completed the deal, a team of narcotics officers arrested both sisters. Natice Jones was charged with possession and distribution of marijuana, while Sherese Jones was charged with possession and distribution of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

Boater Turns Self In

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City man whose boat collided with another vessel in the Isle of Wight Bay near Ocean City before fleeing the scene back on Memorial Day weekend turned himself in to Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) last week after seeing coverage of the incident on a television news station.

Around 10:45 on May 28, NRP responded to a boat collision in Isle of Wight Bay near 49th Street in Ocean City. The investigation revealed a 25-foot vessel with four people aboard was heading east in the bay toward 49th Street when it was struck broadside by another vessel heading south in the bay.

The collision caused the southbound vessel to go airborne and two of the three occupants on the boat were ejected. The boat operator, later identified as Kover Michael Ellingsworth, 34, of Ocean City, stopped his vessel long enough to collect his ejected passengers before continuing south on the bay. No injuries were reported among the passengers in the vessel that was struck although it did sustain damage.

Witnesses on the boat that was struck provided a description of the vessel that struck it and its occupants and reports of the hit-and-run were released to the local media. Ellingsworth contacted the NRP after seeing a report of the incident on local television news and turned himself in last week. Several other witnesses came forward after the report of the collision was broadcast.

Ellingsworth has been charged with failure to yield right of way, failure to maintain proper lookout, leaving the scene of an accident without rendering aid/providing information and two counts of negligent operation. A court date of Aug. 3 has been scheduled for Ellingsworth in Worcester County District Court.

Phony Deer Story Leads To Arrest

BERLIN – A Berlin juvenile faces charges this week after calling in a report of hitting a deer with his vehicle only to be identified as the hit-and-run driver that seriously injured two bicyclists on Route 707 just east of Route 589 earlier the same day.

Shortly before 1 a.m. last Sunday, two bicyclists heading east on Route 707 just east of Route 589 were struck by an unidentified driver who fled the scene without stopping. One of the bicyclists was flown to Peninsula Regional Medical Center with severe head injuries.

Later Sunday afternoon, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office got a call from a juvenile in Berlin who reported hitting a deer with his vehicle. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the juvenile’s Berlin residence for further investigation, which revealed evidence the vehicle had not struck a deer, but rather had struck two bicyclists injured earlier that day. The juvenile was referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice for charges.

Smoking Pot In Car With Windows Down

OCEAN CITY – When two Ocean City police officers were on routine foot patrol in the downtown area last Saturday, they smelled the unmistakable aroma of burning marijuana emanating from a vehicle parked on 9th Street.

The two officers were walking along Baltimore Ave. near 9th Street when they passed a parked car with the windows down with a strong odor of marijuana wafting in the air. The driver of the vehicle, Morgan Jennings, 20, of Sterling, Va., still had a burning cigar packed with marijuana in her hand.

The officers removed Jennings and two passengers from the vehicle. While searching the car, officers found six individually packaged clear bags containing marijuana in a bag in the back seat. In a side zippered compartment of the bag was another small baggie filled with suspected cocaine.

Police charged Jennings and her two passengers, Nigel Hurtault, 23, and a 16-year-old juvenile, all of Sterling, Va., with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of cocaine. The juvenile was turned over to juvenile authorities while the two adults were each released on a $25,000 bond.

Wrong Smoke Leads to Arrest

OCEAN CITY – A Pennsylvania man was arrested on drug charges last Sunday after lighting up a marijuana joint right in front of resort police officers who were questioning him about something else.

Last Sunday, OCPD officer patrolling in the area of 31st Street and Philadelphia Ave. noticed an intoxicated man later identified as Frank Robert Ulrick, 24, of Greencastle, Pa., lying on the ground between a wall and a soda machine. The officers questioned Ulrick, who was clearly intoxicated, and asked him several times for his driver’s license. Ulrich presented several different credit cards but was never able to produce a driver’s license.

He was later let go after resort officers asked him if he was able to make it home on his own and he confirmed he was staying nearby and would be able to find his way. The officers then observed Ulrich walk east on Philadelphia Ave. before circling around behind a building.

They followed Ulrich and found him standing next to a vehicle that wasn’t his. While they were questioning Ulrich again about what he was doing behind the building, he took out what appeared to be a white cigarette, lit it and began smoking it.

The officers immediately recognized the odor of burning marijuana and found out that what Ulrich was smoking wasn’t a cigarette at all but rather a marijuana joint. The officers seized the joint and placed Ulrich under arrest for possession of marijuana.

Attempted Burglary Leads To Cop Assault

OCEAN CITY – A Gaithersburg man was charged with assaulting a resort police officer last week after being identified as the suspect in the malicious destruction of a screen at a house on South Baltimore Ave.

Around 11 p.m. last Wednesday, a resort officer on patrol near South Baltimore Ave. was flagged down by a property owner who told him a man later identified as Quante Hawkins, 20, of Gaithersburg, had just ripped open a screen on a window of his home nearby. Hawkins was seen walking north on the sidewalk near Wicomico Street and the homeowner was able to identify him as the suspect.

Hawkins was arrested for the malicious destruction charge and while he was sitting on the sidewalk in handcuffs, he kicked OCPD Pfc. Pam DeGiovanni in her right leg causing a bruise and swelling on her shin. Hawkins also yelled “[expletive deleted] you all” and other profanities at the arresting officers, causing a small crowd to gather at the scene. Hawkins was ultimately placed in a violent prisoner restraint device due to his violent behavior. He was charged with second-degree assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Clammer Drowns in Snow Hill

SNOW HILL – A Snow Hill man, reported missing on Monday by his brother after being last seen clamming near Truitt’s Landing, was found dead on Tuesday not far from where he was last seen.

Around 7 p.m. on Monday, Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Truitt’s Landing in Snow Hill in reference to a possible drowning. The deputies met with John Travers, of Snow Hill, who said he had last seen his brother, Chester Travers, 48, also of Snow Hill, clamming in the water’s off Truitt’s Landing around 1 p.m. that afternoon.

John Travers said he fell asleep while watching his brother clamming nearby and when he awoke, his brother was nowhere to be seen. A search of the area was conducted by sheriff’s deputies, the Maryland State Police helicopter, the Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) and K-9 units to no avail.

On Tuesday, the search resumed and the body of Chester Travers was found deceased in the waters off of Truitt’s Landing. The body was sent to the Maryland Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy.

Looked Like A Stoner

OCEAN CITY – A Pennsylvania man was arrested last weekend after selling marijuana to an undercover OCPD officer on the Boardwalk near 8th Street.

Around 8:30 last Friday, an undercover OCPD officer working the Boardwalk approached a man later identified as Alex Michael Seymore, 20, of Carlisle, Pa., and asked him “if he had any trees.” Seymore stopped walking and talked to the officer, telling him, “I must look like a stoner or something because you’re the second guy to hit me up.”

Seymore asked the officer what he needed and the officer told him he was looking for a “20.” Seymore and the officer then walked just off the Boardwalk and Seymore produced a plastic bag of marijuana from his pocket. The officer asked Seymore what he wanted for the entire bag and Seymore said he had paid $50 for it and wanted to “make a little something” on the deal.

The officer offered Seymore $55 for the bag and the deal was completed. Seconds later, the officer signaled to additional undercover officers in the area and Seymore was arrested and charged with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.

Officers Obstructed From Domestic Incident

OCEAN CITY – A Baltimore woman was arrested last Sunday for attempting to prevent resort police officers from responding to a reported domestic incident at a downtown motel.

Around 2:20 a.m. last Sunday, a resort officer was called to respond to a domestic dispute at the Rideau Motor Inn. From her vantage point on the Boardwalk, the officer was able to see the cracked glass doors at the unit in question and heard loud voices coming from inside. Two officers went into the motel and attempted to reach Room 119 where the domestic dispute was ongoing, but they were blocked by a woman later identified as Kristy Nicole Holobaugh, 21, of Baltimore.

Holobaugh first grabbed the first officer by the front of her shirt and attempted to place herself in between the officer and her destination. When the first officer pushed her away, Holobaugh did the same thing to the second officer, who also pushed her away. When the officer reached Room 119 at the end of the hallway, Holobaugh pushed in front and blocked the door with her body. She was then arrested and charged with assaulting an officer and obstructing and hindering an investigation.

Fence Post Leads To Assault Charges

OCEAN CITY – What started with a man stopped for ripping a post off of a fence along Baltimore Ave. last Thursday morning resulted in a foot chase through the downtown area and ended with the suspect being pepper-sprayed after assaulting several officers.

Around 12:30 last Thursday, an OCPD officer on bike patrol in the downtown area observed a man later identified as Alexander Francis McNee, 19, of Lancaster, Pa., rip a fence post off a fence along Baltimore Ave. The officer came up on McNee and his three friends and asked him to drop the post and sit down on the sidewalk. As the officer was getting off his police bicycle, McNee shoved him and began to flee, running toward 12th Street and Washington Lane.

The officer broadcast a description of McNee, who jumped several fences while heading in the direction of the Boardwalk. A witness told police McNee had taken off his shirt and was walking down the Boardwalk. He was located a short time later in the parking lot of the Howard Johnson’s Motel at 12th Street. Several officers attempted to subdue McNee, who was flailing about and struck at least two of them with his arms and elbows.

By now, a crowd of 20-30 people formed to watch the scene. Roughly 10 OCPD officers had responded and were attempting to take McNee into custody, but he kept flailing about throwing arms and elbows. Finally, a resort detective pepper-sprayed McNee and he was cuffed and arrested. He was charged with three counts of second-degree assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property.

Home Invasion, Assault, Burglary

OCEAN CITY – Three suspects broke into a downtown residence last Friday, assaulted and threatened its occupants and destroyed the place before stealing several cell phones, money and other belongings.

Around 3:45 a.m. last Friday, OCPD officer responded to a residence on 10th Street for a break-in and assault that had just occurred. Three of the victims said they were sitting at their dining room table when they heard a loud bang at the door. They checked through the window and did not open the door when they didn’t recognize the people out front.

The assailants, later identified as Michael Nuovo, 19, Courtney O’Toole, 19, and a third suspect, Matthew Tranovich, all of Pittsburgh, then forced open the door and entered the unit. The suspects proceeded to throw everything off the kitchen counter, the dining room table and the pantry and dumped trash all over the unit.

One of the victims was pushed against a wall and spat upon, while another was pushed onto the sofa. The suspects yelled “sit the [expletive deleted] down” and “you better not get up.” Nuovo then walked over to the dining room table and took two cell phones, poker chips, money and keys to the unit. Throughout the incident, the suspects threatened and assaulted the victims and blocked the doors to prevent them from leaving.

OCPD investigators were able to locate the suspects a short time later and the victims were able to identify them. Nuovo and O’Toole were arrested and charged with first-, third- and fourth-degree burglary and theft.  

Charges Filed In Accident

OCEAN CITY – A Baltimore woman faces charges this week after a car accident on Coastal Highway at 15th Street last Sunday.

Around 6:30 last Sunday, OCPD officers responded to a vehicle collision on Coastal Highway at 15th Street involving injuries. The investigation revealed a vehicle driven by Dana Sky Khassian of Baltimore attempted to make an illegal U-turn at 15th Street and collided with a vehicle headed northbound driven by Ofer Kahalany, of Ocean City.

Khassian was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center via Maryland State Police helicopter where she was treated and later released. The investigation also revealed Khassian did not have a valid driver’s license. Charges are pending against Khassian.

Uncertain About Age

OCEAN CITY – A Frederick man pleaded guilty to charges of possession of marijuana in court Monday, but pleaded incorrectly about his age.

Joseph Louis Allen of Frederick came before Judge Daniel Mumford on Monday morning to plead guilty to possession of marijuana charges. On April 18, Allen was told to leave Fager’s Island and upon failing to leave was arrested by Officer Carl Perry. Upon searching Allen, Perry found marijuana on him, charging him with possession of marijuana.

When asked to state his name and age, Allen reported to the judge that he was 29 but quickly corrected himself and said he was 39. After accepting the guilty plea, Mumford addressed the issue of having marijuana saying, “when you said you were 29 it made a little sense, but since you’re 39 it makes no sense.” Mumford went on to explain to Allen that marijuana was not something that you want to get involved with.

Allen was sentenced to probation before judgment plus the court fines and fees.

A ‘Green’ Wedding Anniversary

OCEAN CITY – A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana charges Monday morning after being arrested on April 7, a day that also marked his 20th wedding anniversary.

John Dermott Delapena, 41, of Delanco, N.J., came before Judge Daniel Mumford Monday in hopes of avoiding further punishment.

On April 7, the Stowaway Grand Hotel called the police reporting an odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. Police arrested Delapena for possession of marijuana resulting in Delapena spending 12 hours in jail and being kicked out of his room. It also resulted in a ruined 20th wedding anniversary as Delapena spent the anniversary night in jail.

“I don’t know what the 20th anniversary gift is, is it silver, gold?” Judge Mumford asked. “I know it’s not marijuana.

Delapena was sentenced to probation before judgment and warned to have better wedding anniversaries in the future.

Local Man Slapped With Probation

OCEAN CITY – A local man was found guilty for concealing a dangerous weapon on Monday morning after police found a slap-stick or sand-club in his truck.

Andrew Michael Smith, 22, of Ocean City, pleaded not guilty to possession of a deadly weapon in court Monday claiming he didn’t realize that he had a dangerous or deadly weapon in his car.

According to the arresting officer Lesa Breneman, on Jan. 4, 2007, she was riding behind Smith when she noticed that his windows were darkly tinted on the driver and passenger side and that he had crossed over the white line at a stop sign, stopping halfway over the line.

Breneman testified that she pulled over the Dodge pick-up driven by Smith and was running his license and tags when Officer Campbell and his canine companion arrived on the scene to provide any assistance needed. Campbell testified that he had been wrapping up a case on 17th Street, heard the traffic call from Breneman, and drove to assist her.

Campbell’s certified canine companion alerted to the passenger side door resulting in a search of the vehicle. Breneman found what she recognized to be a slap-stick or a sand-club partially concealed and within reach of someone with “long arms” underneath the drivers seat.

Smith’s lawyer argued that there wasn’t probable cause to search the vehicle, which was overruled. He also provided arguments over the weapon claiming that it wasn’t a defined weapon, it wasn’t a concealed weapon, and it wasn’t properly defined as within reach of the driver. He explained that Smith had found the “weapon” on a golf course where he was working, threw it into the back of his truck and forgot that it was there.

Judge Daniel Mumford found Smith guilty, sentencing him to probation before judgment with one year of unsupervised probation plus court fines in hopes that Smith will get his life on track.