Thursday, June 7 – Counterfeit Currency Circulating in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY- Ocean City Police have handled several cases involving counterfeit money in the last few days.  All of the bills have been passed at local businesses.

The first case occurred on May 19 when three counterfeit 50 dollar bills were discovered by a local merchant.  On June 2 and again yesterday, six more cases of counterfeit 20 dollar bills and one 100 dollar bill were discovered by merchants and banks.

The bills are described as good quality, with slight fading to the green areas.  The bills have been passed at businesses from the boardwalk to the Delaware line.

The serial number on the counterfeit 20’s is BG69339629F. The serial number on the counterfeit 50’s is EG94812215A.

The serial number on the 100 dollar bill is unknown.  Police are asking all businesses to be on the lookout for these bills.  If someone attempts to pass a counterfeit bill, please contact the OCPD immediately.  Police are working on developing suspects in this case.

For further information regarding counterfeit currency, please contact the OCPD Criminal Investigation Division at 410-723-6604.