Fifth DUI Results in Injuries to Children

OCEAN CITY- A Parsonsburg man whose vehicle collided with another vehicle containing two small children on Coastal Highway near 62nd Street last Saturday night was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for driving while impaired, his fifth such arrest since 1990.

Around 9:00 p.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police responded to a vehicle accident on Coastal Highway near 62nd Street involving injuries to the passengers in one of the vehicles including two small children. Ocean City EMS crews were called to tend to the children, who did not require further medical treatment.

When OCPD Corporal Ronnie Townsend arrived on the scene, he observed a 1987 Ford station wagon with extreme front-end damage nearby. Townsend recognized the vehicle matched the description broadcast earlier by the Maryland State Police about a suspected drunk driver.

The officer approached the vehicle and observed a man later identified as Paul Douglas Teaman, 43, of Parsonsburg, in the driver’s seat. When the officer asked Teaman for his license and registration, the suspect fumbled around and produced a registration and insurance card, but said he did not have his driver’s license with him. Teaman then tried to give the officer his identification card, but struggled five times to get it out of his wallet.

Townsend then asked Teaman to step out of his vehicle, a request to which he complied, but the suspect refused to participate in any field sobriety tests. When the officer asked Teaman about the status of his driver’s license, the suspect said he had not had a valid driver’s license since 1990. He also admitted having four previous DUIs.

Teaman was then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving while under the influence and various other alcohol charges as well as traffic charges related to the accident with the other vehicle. When Townsend inspected Teaman’s vehicle, he found two Natural Light beer cans jammed under the front seat, 10 empty Natural Light beer cans on the passenger side of the back seat and one 22-ounce Natural Light bottle on the floor in the back of the vehicle. The officer noted in his report each of the beer cans and the bottle found were still cool to the touch on the outside.

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the accident at 62nd Street, the two small children injured in the collision were treated and did not require transportation to the hospital. A female passenger in the front seat was observed holding her neck, but she refused to be transported to the hospital.

 False Rape Report

OCEAN CITY- A Canton, Ohio woman this week finds herself in trouble after falsely reporting a rape to Ocean City Police.

Around 11 a.m. last Friday, a Canton, Ohio woman, later identified as Elizabeth Russick, 21, called Ocean City Police to report a rape. Investigators then spent several hours investigating the alleged rape before detecting many inconsistencies in her story.

After confronting Russick with the inconsistencies, she admitted the truth to the officers. She admitted having consensual sex with a friend but became angry when she learned he had not used a condom. She then told police she had reported the incident as a rape because she was “scared and confused.”

OCPD officers then contacted the Worcester County State’s Attorneys’ Office regarding the case. The officers were advised to charge Russick with making a false statement to a police officer, a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail.

 Knife Fight Pits Brother Against Brother

OCEAN CITY- A fight between two women early last Saturday morning that began in the back of a vehicle later escalated into a fight between the two brothers they were dating and resulted in one of the brothers chasing the other around the parking lot of a downtown restaurant with a knife.

Around 2:15 a.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police responded to a fight involving a knife in the parking lot of Mothers Cantina on Coastal Highway near 28th Street. When the OCPD officers arrived, they detained five individuals believed to have been involved in the fight as they sorted out what had happened.

According to police reports, the incident began as a fight between two women, Holly Sue Sleeper and Jo Anne Creasy, in the back seat of a pick-up truck traveling on Coastal Highway. When the fight continued to escalate, the driver of the truck pulled into the parking lot of Mothers Cantina, where the altercation spilled out of the vehicle and onto the street.

As the two women continued to fight each other, the two brothers they were dating, Howard Douglas Trainer, 38, and William Edward Trainer, 37, started to argue.

At one point, William Trainer pulled out a black utility knife with the blade exposed and threatened his brother Howard Trainer, saying “I’m going to kill you,” and “I’m going to cut you.” William Trainer chased his brother Howard around the parking lot, in and around parked cars, with the knife in his hand and continued to threaten him.

An employee of the restaurant, who was outside the establishment while the fight was going on, feared for the safety of the two women and himself, and pushed the two women back inside the restaurant and locked the door. The employee watched through the window as William Trainer placed the knife on top of a newspaper stand in front of the restaurant.

After sorting out the details of the fight, resort police charged William Trainer with first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure.

 Wanted Man Found in Grocery Store

BERLIN- A Berlin man wanted on an outstanding warrant for second-degree assault was picked up last week at the Food Lion on Old Ocean City Boulevard.

On May 31, a Berlin Police officer observed a man he believed to be Deonderik Godwin, 25, of Berlin entering the Food Lion shortly before midnight. The officer confirmed Godwin was wanted on an outstanding warrant for second-degree assault and took the suspect into custody without incident. After processing, Godwin was taken before a District Court Commissioner and held on a $5,000 bond.

 Loose Donkey Found in Bishopville

BISHOPVILLE- When deputies from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and its Animal Control Division responded to Bishopville for a report of horses running loose, they discovered an injured donkey was the object of their search.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to Bishopville last Thursday morning for a report of horses running loose, but when they arrived, they discovered an injured donkey had been running loose in the area of Bishopville Rd. and Campbelltown Rd. and was being detained by a resident. Two other horses observed running free in the area earlier were not located.

The donkey had injuries and residents in the area assisted Animal Control officers in getting the animal onto a trailer and transported to a nearby farm where a local veterinarian treated the animal’s injuries. Many attempts have been made to locate the owners of the donkey with no success. Animal Control officers have said it is very important they locate the owners of the donkey regarding further medical treatment. Anyone familiar with the owner of a donkey from the Bishopville area is encouraged to call the Worcester County Animal Control Division at (410) 632-1340.

 Stolen Bikes Recovered

BERLIN- Two juveniles last week were arrested for stealing a pair of bicycles from a community pool at a Berlin neighborhood after Berlin Police observed one of the suspects riding a bicycle matching the description of a stolen bike.

Last Thursday, Berlin Police received a call regarding the theft of two bicycles from the community pool at Decatur Farms. The responding officers received descriptions of the stolen bikes and the suspects while en route to the scene. One officer observed one of the stolen bicycles with a rider matching the description provided.

Through an investigation, both bikes were recovered and the two juvenile suspects were arrested and charged with theft less than $500. One of the suspects was also charged with possession of tobacco products by a minor. Both juveniles were released on citation and referrals to the Worcester County Department of Juvenile Services.

 Intoxicated Boater Arrested

OCEAN CITY- A Philadelphia man was arrested last week for operating a motor vessel while under the influence of alcohol after asking Maryland Natural Resources Police for assistance when his boat drifted near a rock jetty.

Last Saturday around 8 p.m, Maryland Natural Resources Police charged Scott Christopher McLaughlin, 35, of Philadelphia, Pa., with operating a motor vessel while under the influence of alcohol in the Isle of Wight Bay, north of 49th Street in Ocean City. NRP was in the area after receiving a complaint of a possible intoxicated boater.

An officer located the suspect vessel and was subsequently flagged over by McLaughlin who requested assistance because his vessel was drifting towards a nearby rock jetty. After rendering assistance, NRP arrested McLaughlin and transported him to the Ocean City Police Department where he was issued citations for operating a motor vessel while under the influence of alcohol, operating a motor vessel while impaired and operating a motor vessel while impaired by alcohol and or drugs. A court date of July 20 has been scheduled for McLaughlin in Worcester County District Court.

The NRP reminds boaters the laws pertaining to the operation of a vessel in relation to the legal alcohol content are identical to that of driving a vehicle.

 ‘Good Deed’ Results in Guilty Sentence

OCEAN CITY – A local man arrested for stealing a backpack in April was found guilty this week in District Court after claiming that he wasn’t stealing, but that he was searching for the backpack’s owner.

William Henry Steeg, 48, of Ocean City but originally from Baltimore, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of theft under $100 dollars. On April 26, Steeg was arrested for stealing a backpack. The contents of the backpack have since been returned to the owner.

Steeg pleaded not guilty and told the court that he wasn’t trying to steal the backpack. According to Steeg he was on his way back from a swim when he spotted an unoccupied backpack. Steeg claims he has had items stolen before and was trying to help the owner. “I was not trying to steal the person’s backpack, I was trying to give it back,” he said. The owner of the backpack saw Steeg stealing the backpack at which point he flagged down a police officer.

This was not Steeg’s first run in with the Ocean City Police. Steeg was arrested in May 2006 for indecent exposure when he provided his own entertainment at Springfest. Steeg performed a no-pants dance for a female police officer working pedestrian detail. Steeg pulled down his pants and began to dance to the music before he was arrested and later found guilty.

As for Monday’s charges of theft under $100, Steeg was also found guilty. After finding Steeg guilty, Judge Daniel Mumford asked if he liked living in Ocean City. Steeg replied, “I like OC as far as swimming and having a good time.” Judge Mumford quickly replied, “I like Ocean City too, I grew up here, but I don’t like criminals here. I suggest you go back to Baltimore and just stay there.”

Steeg was sentenced to 60 days in county jail.

 Drug Charges Hold Probable Cause

OCEAN CITY – Two local residents with drug charges appeared in District Court Monday for a preliminary hearing and a chance to dispute the intent to distribute charges that resulted from arrests last month.

Debra Lynn Joyner, 47, and Gary Vincent Botto, 52, were arrested May 11, 2007 after a search and seizure at their residence, 1208 Baltimore Ave. OCPD’s Quick Response Team (QRT) and the town’s narcotics officers entered the residence and discovered approximately a half-ounce of powder cocaine, three bags of marijuana, multiple items of drug paraphernalia and a digital scale. They also seized nearly $700 in U.S. currency from the suspects.

Botto and Joyner, both of Ocean City, were charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of powder cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. The intent to distribute charges stemmed from the 11 grams of cocaine found, equivalent to around $700 to $1000 in street value, the digital scale found, and the amount of money on the suspects.

 Both Joyner and Botto’s lawyers argued whether there was probable cause for the intent to distribute charges claiming that the amount of drugs found was not valid. They asked Detective Jeffrey Heiser, “if it is possible for someone to purchase and then use $700 worth of drugs in a couple days?” Heiser said that it was possible but that “it’s not like going to Sam’s Club and stocking up, they (drug users) usually buy in small amounts.”

Judge Daniel Mumford found there was probable cause to forward the case to circuit court.

 A ‘Case’ of Mistaken Identity

OCEAN CITY – A Bowie man was found not guilty in District Court Monday after being charged with the theft of a case of beer from a local 7-11.

Kevin Lawrence Uth, 25, was charged with theft under $100 after he was arrested March 26 for leaving the 94th St. 7-11 without paying for a 30-pack of Natural Light. According to the witness and cashier on duty at the time, Uth entered the store while his friend waited outside. The cashier said Uth grabbed a case of beer and walked out without paying. The cashier then followed Uth outside where a struggle over the beer ensued, resulting in the cashier obtaining the beer and the two men leaving. Uth and the other man were stopped and arrested 12 streets later.

The cashier also said the driver of the car had been in earlier that night and purchased beer with a Colorado license.

Uth testified that he had been in the store earlier to purchase beer and returned with a friend to get more beer. He said he waited in the car and that it was his friend who took the beer and struggled with the cashier and that he told his friend to return the beer.

Judge Daniel Mumford cleared up the confusion by asking the cashier if the man who had purchased the beer earlier with the Colorado license was the same man who stole the case of beer from the store. The cashier said no, at which point Judge Mumford declared that Uth did indeed have a Colorado license. He said that the cashier was unclear about the events and found Uth not guilty.

 Drug Charges No Joke

A local woman and a Denton man plead guilty to possession of marijuana charges in District court Monday after being arrested in March.

A call from the Coconut Malorie over a failure to pay for a room resulted in police pulling over a car occupied by Alan Phillip Flynn, 28, of Denton and Maureen Elizabeth Gray, 30, of Ocean City. After smelling marijuana, officers searched the car and found marijuana. Upon searching Gray’s purse they also found a morphine capsule.

Both Gray and Flynn plead guilty to the charges saying they were sorry and were now trying to get their lives on track. Judge Daniel Mumford gave both Flynn and Gray probation before judgment with one year of unsupervised probation.

Judge Mumford didn’t stop there, warning both Flynn and Gray of the seriousness of marijuana. “You may not think marijuana is a big deal but it is illegal in this state and in every state,” he warned, “In some countries like Malaysia and Pakistan you could be executed.”

 Traffic Stop Leads to Weapons Arrest

OCEAN CITY- A Rockville, Md. woman pulled over after cutting off an Ocean City Police officer on Coastal Highway was found with several handguns in her vehicle and was arrested on weapons charges and other traffic-related offenses this week.

Around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, OCPD Pfc. Charles Zukas was driving south on Philadelphia Ave. around 9th Street when a vehicle pulled in front of him causing him to hit the brakes to avoid a collision. The vehicle then made a quick turn into the Admiral Hotel parking lot and the officer followed it, activating his lights. When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver, later identified as Christine Caudle, 48, of Rockville, quickly rolled up the window and locked the door and refused to open them after repeated requests.

The officer then moved around to the passenger side door, which was unlocked. He observed Caudle with a can of beer in her hand. When the officer asked her why she refused to follow his instructions, Caudle said she was afraid. She pretended she didn’t know what the officer was talking about, according to police reports.

The officer asked Caudle to step out of the vehicle and she complied. After a computer check, she was found to have no valid driver’s license, the plates on her car were registered to a different vehicle and she had no insurance on the vehicle. She was then arrested for the traffic-related offenses.

A search of the vehicle incident to the arrest revealed a backpack in the back seat with three handguns in it including a Colt .45 revolver, a Colt .22 semi-automatic handgun, and a Kimber .45 semi-automatic handgun. Caudle said the guns were a gift from her father and she had nowhere to store them. She also said she hadn’t registered them and asked the officer how and where to do that. In addition to the traffic-related offenses, criminal charges of possession of a handgun and possession of an open container were tacked on.

 Customer Halts Shoplifting Spree 

OCEAN CITY- A customer at the Food Lion on 118th Street in Ocean City last week questioned a couple trying to steal meat and seafood from the store, causing them to leave without their loot and later led to their arrest on attempted theft charges.

Last Thursday, resort police were dispatched to the Food Lion for an attempted theft in progress. When they arrived, the suspects had fled the seen, but an observant customer in the store provided the details and their descriptions that later led to their arrests. The customer told police she observed the two suspects, later identified as Daryl Lee Whaley, 50, and Tammy Sue Bussard, 40, both of Ocean City, stuffing meat and seafood into a tan cloth laundry bag.

When the customer questioned the suspects about their activity, they told her they were allowed to take the goods and called her a “stupid [expletive deleted].” The customer then told the manager about what she had seen and heard, and the two suspects fled the store without their stolen loot.

Whaley and Bussard were last seen heading for the bus stop on 118th Street. A check with the bus driver revealed two suspects matching the description of Whaley and Bussard had boarded the bus at 118th Street and had gotten off at 3rd Street. OCPD detectives viewed the incident on the store’s surveillance tapes and were able to identify the suspects from prior contact with them. Bussard and Whaley were later arrested at their Dayton Lane home and charged with attempted theft under $500.

 Man Who Refused Drug Sale Attacked

BERLIN- A 62-year-old Bishopville man was beaten and robbed at a Berlin convenience store Wednesday night when he refused to buy crack cocaine from his attackers.

The victim was about to enter the Uncle Willie’s store on Route 113 in Berlin when he was approached by a man who offered to sell him crack cocaine. When the man refused, the suspect and two other men beat him and stole $90 from him. The victim was treated for injuries at AGH, while the attackers remain at large. 

Boardwalk Drug Arrest

OCEAN CITY- The suspicious actions of two young men on the Boardwalk Wednesday morning caught the attention of two plain clothes officers and ultimately led to their arrest. 

OCPD Pfc. Shawn Beach and Officer Carl Perry were in the vicinity of Worcester Street and the boardwalk around 12:30 Wednesday morning when they noticed two men whispering to each other and anxiously looking around. One of the men reached into his pocket and handed an item to the other man who put it in his pocket without looking at it. 

The suspects began walking north on the Boardwalk.  The officers called for uniformed officers to assist.  The officers followed the suspects as they walked down Wicomico Street toward Baltimore Avenue.

As uniformed officers met them at the intersection, one of the men started to flee. Officers caught and detained the man. They found a baggie with marijuana by his leg. He was identified as a 17-year-old juvenile from Princess Anne, Maryland.  He was turned over to juvenile authorities.

Officers Beach and Perry intercepted the second man as he attempted to walk away. They located a piece of notebook paper balled up near where the suspect was standing.  When the officers opened the paper, they discovered six “nickel bags” of marijuana packaged for distribution.

The officers then arrested Brandon Whitley, 23, of Salisbury, Maryland.  He was charged with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and distribution of marijuana.

He is currently being held at the OCPD on $20,000 bond.