Voices From The Readers

A Moving Event Deserving Attention


This past Memorial Day I was privileged and honored to have been able to attend the most moving and beautiful event held at the Veterans Memorial at the south entrance to Ocean Pines.

The folks who labored to put this program together and those who volunteered to perform deserve a great deal of credit for a job well done. The entire program was so inspiring that it brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. I came away from that ceremony feeling so proud to be an American and doubly proud to have served my country as a former U.S. Marine.

There were many people in attendance that morning and when the word travels through out little community, about how lovely this solemn dedication ceremony was for those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice, there should be an overwhelming crowd in attendance next year and the years to follow. We have an obligation to our young people to educate them about the true meaning of Memorial Day to keep that spirit and memory alive.

We all know that the Memorial Day holiday has much to do with cookouts, cold beer, family gathering and old friends, but we should never ever forget those military sacrifices made both past and present that enable us to be free and fully enjoy our way of life. I sincerely encourage everyone to make an effort to attend the ceremonies next year. Please include the youngsters as well. You all will walk away with a feeling of being proud of your American heritage and grateful for those in the military who are willing to fight and die to keep America free. God bless our fallen heroes and may God bless America.

George J. Acton

West Ocean City


In reference to the controversy within the council concerning the new crime analyst position, I was not aware that the Ocean City Police Department did not have a full time crime analyst statistician.

I just assumed, apparently incorrectly, that this department had the basic “crime fighting” and “resource deployment” resources of a modern, professional, police agency, which included a professional full-time statistician.

I can not understand why there are those on this council, being professional business people (and one retired officer), who would question this need. I am beginning to wonder exactly what processes are being used to analyze budgetary matters. Are these and the investment analyst activities, of this town, being handled by “part time or retired…” bookkeepers?  I would hope not.

Robert Hoke

Ocean City