Town Nixes Strict New Water Regulations

BERLIN – Town officials this week nixed a proposal that would have prohibited all outside water use activities by residents except for between the hours of 4-6 a.m. each day after realizing the proposed resolution went far beyond the intent of the original ordinance.Two years ago, faced with drought conditions and continued water pressure problems,… Read more »

Pines Incident Highlights Underage Drinking Debate

BERLIN – An incident last week where the Ocean Pines Police Department issued 62 citations for underage drinking at a single residence, coupled by several cases reported recently involving parents providing alcohol to underage children and their friends, both locally and nationally, has sparked an ethical debate about teen drinking and adult supervision, but one… Read more »

New Building Code Hits The Books In Berlin

BERLIN – Town officials this week voted to formally adopt the 2000 edition of the International Building Code, the new standard for building practices around the country, which will replace the antiquated building code in place in Berlin since 1993.For 14 years, Berlin has followed the 1993 Building Officials and Code Administrators Inc., or BOCA,… Read more »

Man Threatens To Kill Troopers, Self

BERLIN – A mentally disturbed local man on Monday summoned Maryland State Police troopers to his Gum Point Rd. residence for a harassment complaint before threatening to kill the officers and take his own life.The bizarre situation unfolded last Sunday when Robert Sturgeoner Phillips, 50, of Berlin, called the Maryland State Police to make a… Read more »

Affirmative Action Plan OK’d For Local Projects

BERLIN – Berlin officials this week approved a resolution ensuring local residents of low income will have the opportunity for employment on two major improvement projects going on in the town.The Mayor and Council on Wednesday unanimously approved an affirmative action resolution that will require private contractors hired for the Flower Street sidewalk construction project… Read more »