Pot Not Acceptable Currency In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY – A Bel Air, Md. man found out this week cash,
not marijuana, is the currency of choice in Ocean City when he attempted to
purchase items from a resort convenience store with a bag of dope and was later
arrested on drug and theft charges.

Around 3 a.m. on Monday, Michael Autry, 27, of Bel Air,
walked into the 7-Eleven on 94th Street. Autry, who was reportedly
intoxicated at the time, grabbed a bag of chips and three bottles of Gatorade
and took them to the counter.

When the clerk rang Autry up, he fumbled around in his
pocket and was only able to produce a $1 bill. The clerk told him that would
not cover it and Autry went back to his pockets again, this time producing a
baggie of marijuana. The now frustrated Autry reached into the baggie and put
about half of its contents on the counter.

The clerk told him he would not accept marijuana as
payment and told Autry he was calling the police. Autry became angry and
smashed one of the drink bottles on the counter, breaking the bottle and
spilling its contents on the floor. Autry then ran from the store leaving
behind the merchandise and the marijuana.

Christine Plant and her K-9 partner Jester arrived on the scene a few minutes
later. The pair was able to track Autry to his hiding spot in the dunes behind
the Pyramid Condominium. Autry was arrested and charged with possession of
marijuana and misdemeanor theft.