My Thoughts

The old guy grabbed a couple packs of Goldenberg Peanut
Chews and a can of his RC Cola the other day and jumped into his old DeSoto. Once
a month, the DeSoto needs to stretch its legs and Insider usually just heads
south on Route 113 because it’s an easy drive and he’s ensured of not getting
lost. That is until he took a detour due to road construction and ended up in
Princess Anne. Insider had to stop and ask for directions on how to find his
way back home. Next time the old guy will just head west on Route 50. He likes
his chances there.

The birds outside the old guy’s kitchen window are
delighted with the new bird seed he offered them the other day. It was a
different brand than he normally buys, but it’s going over well. Each morning
he opens the window and enjoys the chirping and singing along with his boiled
coffee. The cardinals, blue jays and blackbirds are attracted by the larger seeds
and the sparrows and wrens delight in the smaller feed. For some reason, the
jaybirds and robins aren’t the least bit interested in the daily feeding.
They’re there but apparently prefer hunting their own food.

Insider does not know much about the mating season of the
birds, but they sure seem up to something. They have been busy for the last
couple weekends building nests in the old guy’s birdhouses. There they are
bringing back feathers, leaves and whatever they can get in their mouths. They
go at it for hours, stopping every once in a while to eat and get a sip of
water out of the bird bath. When they are really busy, nothing can get their
attention, even the mean old squirrel that comes into the bird feeding area
every now and again and steals some feed.

Insider has seen this before. Soon the birds will not be
bringing back feathers and leaves, rather they will be bringing back food for
the little ones nestled safely in the bird house. Their little heads will be
poking out, crying, eyes still not formed, seeking out food. Only a couple will
make it, maybe just one. Only the strong will survive, most likely the one
that’s able to get its head out of the bird house first to meet the incoming
meal. Soon after they will all be gone and replaced by another family that
looks just like the last one.