Voices From The Readers

OC Would Be Change Forever Without Park


My parents first brought me to Ocean City, Md. the year of
my birth, 1964. Like them I return to Ocean City as often as is possible. When
I cross the Route 50 bridge and see Trimper’s in the distance, my mood
lightens, joy returns and I know that I’m returning to a place I and many other
visitors consider home.

I’m saddened to learn of the potential sale and closing of
Trimper’s following this historic 117th season. The loss of the family-owned
landmark in a community known for being a restive enclave to vacationing
families would bring sorrow and disappointment to many.

Trimper’s and Ocean City are synonymous. It would be
difficult to imagine one without the other. Much worse, it would difficult to
enjoy America’s finest beach resort without the landmark institution that has
given great joy to so many for generations.

The Trimper family shareholders have a family beyond their
bloodline; the Ocean City residents and visitors who would gravely grieve
losing the significant icon of Ocean City.

Paul Russell

New York, N.Y.

Condemn Trimper’s?


This is in response to the recent letters to the editor
from the Trimper family and how they can’t pay their taxes.

I have a solution.

Using the recent Supreme Court decision, have the
city/county/state, whoever, condemn the Trimper properties. Pay them the
current assessed value. Then, lease the property to a private enterprise who
will construct and manage an amusement park with rides. Use the revenue to pay
back the loan. In this same deal, include the historic Merry Go Round. The
Trimpers obviously don’t want it because they have threatened to sell it off
piece by piece. Move it to the Convention Center for safety and display.

Everybody is happy. The 14 squabbling Trimper heirs get
their money. The city gets an amusement park area that almost everybody agrees
is necessary for the tourist industry. The Merry Go Round finds a home instead
of being sold off on E-Bay. Revenues collected from the leased land reimburse the

A win-win for the Trimpers, the city, the tourists and the

Tom McLaughlin

Ocean City

Putting It Well


Hooray for Len Bender for his letter to you on Ocean
Pines. I’ve been wanting to do this for months. He took the ink right out of my

John Harmon

Roxana, Del.

Arborist Recognized


I’m writing this letter to the paper for honoring a
special person. He helped the whole family and I through a very tough time.
This person is Gregory Purnell. He is the town of Ocean City’s arborist.

I contacted Greg within a week before our birthday about
dedicating a tree for the passing of my twin sister. Greg went above and beyond
to make sure this special day could happen; our birthday is April 12.
Everything was complete so we could give her our loving gift. Lisa DeFressine
Borphy is her name. Steve and Lisa had 25 wonderful loving years together.
Thanks to Greg, he helped make my 48th birthday a little easier. We can’t thank
him enough for so many caring words – there should be more people in the world
like him. The whole family love and miss her dearly. We take one day at a time.

Thanks to Greg, we have a beautiful reminder of Lisa. The
tree is standing proudly in North Surf Park on North Surf Avenue on 142 Street
in Ocean City. Anybody is welcome to come visit. Not to take the praise away
from Greg, bit I just wanted people to know there is an organization called
“Twinless Twins.” Once a twin always a twin. Greg has made life a little
brighter in our dark days. He has touched all of our hearts.

Linda Hazard

Ocean City

Drop The Lawsuit


I quote Marty Clarke: "New Community Center or not,
we need to move forward as good neighbors and friends in this Easter season and
in the best interest of Ocean Pines." If Mr. Clarke really means that, he
will drop the lawsuit that he filed against OPA and its directors.

Jeanne Stiehl

Ocean Pines

Health Fair A Success


The Ocean City AARP Chapter 1917 recently held its 21st
Annual Health Fair at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center. Co-sponsored by
Atlantic General Hospital and the Town of Ocean City, the fair, once again,
offered the latest information on health and wellness to the residents and
visitors to the Ocean City area. The medical information provided by the AGH
associates and the more general health and wellness related assistance offered
by the vendors provided an essential service.

I wish to express my appreciation to the many AARP
volunteers who gave of their time, the co-sponsors without whose help the
Health Fair would not be possible, the vendors who take an interest in our
community, the many organizations who recognize the efforts of AARP, the media
for helping us spread the word, and the hundreds of participants who realize
that having the most up-to-the-minute health and wellness information can make
their lives that much better.

Plans are underway for the 22nd Health Fair. AARP looks
forward to providing this important event for years to come.

Melvin Friedman

(The writer is the chair of the AARP Health Fair.)

Discretion Or Profiling?


Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino needs to get out
onto the Boardwalk more during the summer to get a better grip on her
definition of “using discretion” as the department’s stance on the open
container law.

I often visit the Boardwalk and from my observations, I
think Chief DiPino should use a more suitable word like “profile.” It is
profiling and not discretion that results in issuing citations to or arresting
countless young people particularly young males every summer.

All you have to do to verify this is show up any day
during the summer at the Ocean City courthouse (especially after Senior Week)
and watch Judge Daniel Mumford slam down the gavel every three minutes, say
guilty and give the young person a fine of $150; the poor judge’s wrist must
get tired by the end of the day. But Ocean City has made a lot of money over
the years profiling those same foolish young people that they actively and
aggressively encourage to come to Ocean City.

However, during the Wine Fest, it’s a different story –
you can actually see drunken older adults walking/staggering right past police
on the Boardwalk with open bottles and filled wine glasses and nothing is done.
And we are all aware that the Ocean City Police even let a Delaware official
and his wife off when they were pulled over for drunk driving. Of course, I
understand that those older drunks are spending a lot more money staying in
your fine hotels and eating at your more expensive restaurants than those
drunken teenagers, and teenage years end but those rich old drunks will keep
coming back.

While I do not in any way condone under age drinking and
public drunkenness, Chief DiPino you really need to find a better word than
discretion to explain your interpretation of the open container law. 

Don Tabor

Mystic Harbor