Ocean City Elementary School

Ocean City Elementary School held the April Students of the Month Luncheon last week to honor the students in grades one through four who were chosen by their teachers because of their excellent choices in all aspects of the school environment. Pictured, first row from left, are Braedon Dang, Lacey Eccleston, Lizeth Flores, Grace Mullaney and Kevin Williams; second row, from left, Joey Haines, Emma Hancock, Juliana Kotsifikas, Olivia Rorke, Kyle Tanner and Alyssa Williams; third grade, from left, Dryden Brous, Jason Chrysanthis, Jake Clapsadle, Dulce Ramon, (not pictured, Ian Crame and Alex Ingersoll); fourth grade, from left, Dillon Goggin, Tonya Jones, Brittany McTernan, Elizabeth Newton and Shannon Southcomb.