My Thoughts

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to worry. Insider would never put himself in the category of people that stresses about the little things, but when it comes to eating it’s a different story. The old guy has gotten to the point in his life by eating whatever he wants when he wants. If he wants… Read more »

‘America Must Stop Voting’

This column is not start of some fascist movement, nor am I a “pinko” or a communist on any level.Let’s get that out of the way so that the lynch mobs don’t have any time to form.Before you ask for my head, I beseech ye to read on. Though the title of this column could… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Senator Ignore Local ConstituentsEditor:Senator Lowell Stoltzfus, by his actions in lobbying other state senators to temporarily kill a bill banning hydraulic clam dredging in Maryland’s coastal bays, has demonstrated that he is willing to ignore his Worcester county constituents.Ocean City, Worcester County, the Assateague Coastal Trust, the Md. Saltwater Sports Fisherman’s Association, the Ocean Pines… Read more »