My Thoughts

For the old guy, there’s a fine line between a beautiful
day and a miserable day. Since Insider missed his deadline of Monday at 9 a.m.
due to a severe case of writer’s block, there was some extra time to figure out
what to write about. Monday was actually one of those days that started
beautiful, became miserable and ended beautiful. So it was both a beautiful and
miserable day. This is the time of year the old guy both likes and hates. The
mornings and evenings are great, but it’s the mid-afternoon and afternoon that
just gets too hot for the Insider. There comes a time when the old-timers reach
a certain age they can no longer be outdoors after a certain time. Therefore,
they plan all their chores and errands early in the morning or late at night.

The news business has been buzzing of late. Not the local
news, not much happening on that front it seems by the front page of late, but
on the national scope it’s been one big story after another. One of the biggest
stories in a while was Don Imus’ racial slur. Insider is not a racist, but he
does know a lot of them. His parents were racists, but that was all they knew.
That does not mean it’s okay, but their parents were racists and those before
them were too. It was how they were brought up. The old guy really does not
know what being racist means. He was not brought up to be racist he doesn’t
think, but he’s not positive. Anything is possible. When Insider was working
for the Navy, he had lots of black friends. We were all in hell together. It
had nothing to do with the color of your skin, so long as we were on the same
team we were all scared to death and fighting to stay alive. Insider does not
have many black friends today, but he doesn’t have many white friends either,
or Asian or hispanic.

“n” word has been through out a lot of late. Are you a racist if you use the
“n” word? If that’s true, then a lot of black people are racist, too. It would
seem the umbrage taken regarding that word all depends on the context it’s
used. Is being racist when white or black people think they are better than
other white or black people? That would seem too broad. After all, there are
way too many people who think they are better than others. Whatever the case
may be, Insider knows it’s a bad thing to be racist, but there are many out
there. Imus might be one, but Insider knows Al Sharpton is one.