OCPD Probe Leads To Drug Bust

OCEAN CITY – Surveillance conducted by members of the
Ocean City Police Department’s Narcotics Unit led to the arrest of a suspected
drug dealer Friday night as well as the confiscation of a large amount of crack
and powder cocaine that has an estimated street value of $3,500.

According to police records, members of the OCPD Narcotics
unit began conducting their surveillance at the Crystal Beach Hotel, located on
Baltimore Avenue, last Friday at approximately 8:30 p.m. The purpose of the
surveillance was to apprehend a man by the name of Emanuel Lee Lawson, 39, of
Princess Anne, who was wanted on a warrant by the Worcester County Sheriff’s
Office for the distribution of crack cocaine.

Upon arrival to the hotel, a place the officers knew
Lawson to frequent, they noticed a silver Dodge vehicle parked near the
establishment, one they knew Lawson to drive in the past.

Approximately a half hour later, officers noticed Lawson
leaving the hotel along with a juvenile female. They approached the couple and
placed Lawson under arrest without incident.

Upon search incident to the arrest, officers found a total
of five plastic baggies in Lawson’s pants pocket, three of which contained
powder cocaine and two of which held crack cocaine. Packaging the controlled
dangerous substance (CDS) in this manner led police to believe Lawson had
intent to sell or distribute the narcotics.

Officers questioned Lawson who said he was staying in room
206 of the hotel. According to police records, when asked if there was anymore
crack cocaine in the room, he said, “There is a couple of pieces on the table.”
He also admitted the crack was all his and none of it belonged to the juvenile.

A search and seizure warrant for Lawson’s room was then
sought and signed by Judge Daniel R. Mumford at approximately 11 p.m. Officers
returned and conducted a search of the room and found even more narcotics and
drug paraphernalia.

Inside a man’s jacket was another baggie of powder cocaine
and a baggie of crack cocaine along with a metal smoking device commonly used
for the smoking of crack cocaine.

Also found was a digital scale and baggies on a table
within the unit, objects used in the distribution of CDSs. According to police
records, small amounts of cocaine were found under the baggies as well. In the
bedroom was men’s clothing that looked to fit the stature of Lawson as well as
documents addressed to him.

The narcotics recovered hold an estimated street value of