Thursday, April 5 – Motorist Causes Fire, Leaves Scene, Found Having Drink

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City man was arrested late Wednesday
night after the truck he was driving struck a house which caught fire after the

Jay Benedict, 36, was driving his truck eastbound on the
Route 50 Bridge at a high rate of speed. At the base of the bridge, he lost
control, traveling over the median, across Philadelphia Avenue and over the
sidewalk striking a house at 111 Caroline Street.

The truck struck a gas meter attached to the house, which
ignited a fire. The house became engulfed in flames quickly. The elderly
occupants were able to escape the blaze without injury.

Witnesses claimed Benedict then left the scene. Police
searched the area and were able to locate the truck at 7th Street and Edgewater
Avenue in front of Benedict’s home. A witness there told police they saw
Benedict walking eastbound from that location.

Officers located Benedict at Pickle’s Pub, two blocks
away. He was arrested and charged with hit and run and minor traffic charges.

One firefighter received a minor injury and was treated at
the scene.

victims of the fire are currently staying with a friend.