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Senator Ignore Local Constituents


Senator Lowell Stoltzfus, by his actions in lobbying other
state senators to temporarily kill a bill banning hydraulic clam dredging in
Maryland’s coastal bays, has demonstrated that he is willing to ignore his Worcester
county constituents.

Ocean City, Worcester County, the Assateague Coastal
Trust, the Md. Saltwater Sports Fisherman’s Association, the Ocean Pines
Anglers and other groups have all condemned this dredging activity which
damages bay bottom habitat and life that lives there, which damages sea grasses
and fouls bays by generating large plumes of sediment that smother bay life and
fills in channels.

In spite of local support to eliminate hydraulic clam
dredging, representing tens of thousands of residents and millions of visitors,
Stolzfus has been willing to use his political craftiness to undermine the
Senate bill.

In the past, up to 30 hydraulic clamming boats, (only a
couple local) have dredged our shallow bays continuously from October to May at
the same time as we are spending millions in an attempt to improve our
deteriorating water quality and shrinking sea grasses.

I urge residents to express your opinions and remember
that when you vote for someone they are supposed to represent you.

Bill Bundy

Ocean Pines

No Orioles Coverage?


I eagerly opened this morning’s paper, thinking that on
Monday, April 2, all becomes right with the world again because it is Opening

That was when I learned that there would be no Orioles TV
for me this season, at least not much, because Mediacom does not carry the
Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, where most Orioles and Nationals games will be

So every Orioles and Nats fan in Bishopville, Showell,
much of Ocean Pines and all of southern Delaware will have to suffer through a
season without their favorite team as a summer event. This season, perhaps the
breakout year for pitcher Daniel Cabrera, Eric Bedard’s first 20-win season and
the first year for new Nationals’ manager Manny Acta, and fans of local
baseball who have the misfortune of being in Mediacom service areas are blind.

For me, it is as if spring and summer have been carved
from the calendar.

I can only hope that enough disappointed baseball fans
rise from their winter lethargy and demand that Mediacom add MASN to their
lineup. There area a lot of transplanted Os and Nats fans down here on the
lower shore. Mediacom can be reached at 1-866-755-2225. Please call and demand
your rights as a fan.

It will be a long, hot, miserable baseball-free summer.

Ron Pilling


Mr. Pilling,

A press release from the Ocean Pines Association on
Wednesday reported, “Effective immediately, Mediacom is carrying MASN on
channel 9 and MASN2 on digital channel 239 for its subscribers residing within
its Delaware and Maryland markets. MASN2 will be carried on Mediacom’s expanded
basic cable in 2008.”


Pines Property Owner
Could Save Tax Money


There is an opportunity for some Ocean Pines property
owners to save on both real estate taxes and assessments.

Last year OPA adopted an assessment increase abatement
policy, based on the Worcester County/State of Maryland real estate tax relief
program. If you qualify for the County/State program, OPA will not charge you
the $150 assessment increase for this year.

This assessment increase abatement was highlighted in red
on last year’s assessment invoice. This year it has not been advertised at all
by OPA, even though the money to provide for it is in the 2007-2008 budget.

Call the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation
at 410-632-1196, Ext 6 to learn how to apply and qualify for the County/State
program, which will qualify you for the OPA assessment increase abatement.

From now until April 15, for assistance from an AARP Tax
Aide in completing the Worcester County/State application call 1-800-944-7403
and request form HTC-60.

Norm Katz

Ocean Pines

Recall Holiday’s Meaning


The Easter Bunny comes this Sunday.

He’ll bring us sweetness (candy), beauty (pastel and
bright colors), life (eggs), innocence (through children) and simplicity
(unquestioned belief/faith).

Hmm. Since he can’t talk, I wonder if he’s joyfully
celebrating the victorious resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

As we follow his refreshing, renewing and hopeful lead, my
prayer is that we (and especially I) consider this festive focus all year.

In our daily bombardment of civic concerns, I, for one,
habitually struggle with faithfully "seek(ing) first" God and His
Kingdom, which the Bible mentions no less than 32 times. Therefore, this is an
open, standing and welcoming invitation to any and all who wish, to remind me,
anytime, to do so.

If only we can/will, the bountiful blessings will be
astounding. All comments always welcome 410-430-0535; [email protected].

Ellie Diegelmann

Ocean City

Who Is S.T.O.P.?


S.T.O.P. members have been called everything from being
naysayers to nutcases. Actually we are your neighbors. We are members of the
Ocean Pines Association, Inc. and represent every section; we are conservatives
and liberals; we are Republican and Democrat. We have one trait in common
however, we all love Ocean Pines, Berlin, Ocean City, Worcester County, our
home, or home away from home. We are just like you.

In a month or so, we all will be faced with a decision on
a new referendum question. The referendum is to authorize another $1.5 million
that our Board of Directors tells us is needed for the construction of the
proposed new Community Center. This vote is made more important by the fact
that the membership was divided down the middle on the 2005 referendum, which
only passed by 214 votes.

Over the next four weeks, your neighbors, fellow
Association members, and friends who support S.T.O.P. would like to take the
opportunity afforded to us by this local newspaper to articulate what S.T.O.P.
and its supporters are all about and why we will vote “no”.

S.T.O.P. is an acronym for “Stop Taxing Ocean Pines,” a
grass roots organization to counter uncontrolled spending sprees by our Board
of Directors, including the $25,000 study to try to obtain a permit for a 90
slip commercial marina at the Swim & Racquet Club before they decided
whether or not we needed it; the unbudgeted and ill conceived $930,000 pool
enclosure at the Sports Core Swimming pool; and the new Community Center.

Let’s talk about the Community Center. On the evening of
Sept. 21, 2004, at a public board meeting, OPA’s consulting firm, Design
Atlantic, addressed our “space needs”. It became apparent that the Community
Center concept, which had been soundly defeated by referendum just three years
earlier, was alive and well. Just who does our Board think they represent?

S.T.O.P.’s concerns were justified. In short order, the
board was railroading through a “do over” of the 2001 referendum. There was one
major difference. This one was going to be “free”.

Yes, a free new 28,000-square-foot brick Community Center.
The “anticipated cost” of $3.9 million would be funded by the sale of 19
building lots and the sale of 2.8 acres of commercial property owned by the
Ocean Pines Association, Inc. This was too good to be true. Why did this
referendum pass by only 214 votes? This endeavor started to fall apart within
months after its approval. In no time the board was 38 percent over budget. To
make matters even worse, after 20 months, the Board of Directors has yet to
sell the first lot. Not one. It was indeed too good to be true.

The other side of the coin is that our Board of Directors
now tells us that the cost to stop is going to be as high as $900,000. Wow,
$900,000 and we do not even have a building permit? Of course, it is important
to put this number into context. It comes from, for the most part, the same
board that purposely and intentionally lowered the “anticipated cost” to $3.9
million because “it would sell better”. Where I come from that is called a low
ball. Would this same board now dare to pitch us a high ball?

S.T.O.P. believes it is not a good idea to “throw good
money after bad”. The board was 38 percent over budget in less than a year and
still doesn’t even have a building permit. They have yet to sell a single lot,
and want $1.5 million more of our hard earned assessment money. We believe that
it is better to sell the 19 lots for a more realistic price of $1.4 million and
use the first $900,000 to pay off this fiasco. The remaining $525,000 could be
used to start the necessary renovation of our existing community center. Others
in Ocean Pines will opt to pay the estimated $640 per member/lot
($5,400,000/8,415 lots) in capital cost as well as the increase in our
assessments to fund the new operating costs for the proposed center.

Next week this column will be authored by Association
member Edward Moran, a highly respected and well-known businessman whose
opinion will be worth reading. I hope that David Honick, the attorney who
successfully orchestrated S.T.O.P.’s lawsuit, will write our third column on
Homeowner Association law. Till next week, thank you and God bless.

Martin Clarke

writer is the vice president of S.T.O.P.)