Will Economic Earnings Blossom With The Season?

OCEAN CITY — Company earnings are an essential factor for long-term equity market performance. According to FactSet, S&P 500 companies, on aggregate, have reported two consecutive quarters of declining year-over-year growth, with the first quarter of 2016 expected to extend the streak to three. The deteriorating trend has been attributed to numerous factors, such as… Read more »

REITs Should Benefit This Year

OCEAN CITY — Last week, we shopped for yield and growth in the U.S. Consumer Staples sector. This week, we look at Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), another U.S. sector we think may provide yield starved investors with both appealing dividend yields and capital appreciation potential. REITs are required by law to maintain dividend payout… Read more »

Investors Should See Sunshine Through The Clouds

OCEAN CITY — The global economy is facing a myriad of challenges that have contributed to reduced economic growth and financial forecasts for 2016. While we acknowledge those challenges, we believe they may present an opportune environment for investors, as attractive bargains tend to materialize in times of much pessimism. Furthermore, February’s strong jobs report… Read more »

Managing Risk Key To Volatility

OCEAN CITY — With earnings season essentially over, U.S. corporations delivered yet another positive surprise versus analyst expectations at the beginning of the quarter. While earnings for the S&P 500 companies are still down from a year ago, the headline decline masks bright spots in several consumer related industries. By the same token, recent economic… Read more »

The Fed And Fiscal Uncertainties

OCEAN CITY — With the Fed not hiking interest rates last week, we think it will remain patient and adopt a long and slow hiking cycle in response to an improving economy and therefore investors should focus more on the pace of interest rate hikes than on the date of the first hike. Nevertheless, market… Read more »

Investing Myths And Realities

OCEAN CITY — The following five common investing myths, when put into full context, can prove key reminders as investors seek to achieve their financial goals. Myth #1: “I should wait for a pullback in markets before I get invested.” Reality: Investors need to stay invested in order to achieve their long-term financial goals. Market… Read more »