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Blessed By Support


This letter is being written to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Berlin, Selbyville and Ocean City community and businesses that supported the Stevenson United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar and Silent Auction that was held on Dec. 5 in Berlin.

We are so blessed to live in an area that is so willing to support our churches and others, in our community.

The businesses, patrons, and Stevenson congregation that assisted, donated and/or attended this event have accomplished a great thing.

The support Stevenson received from everyone that helped with this event in any way has enabled our church to help local families in this area in their time of need throughout the year. That is what the Christmas season is all about/

For this Christmas season, please support our local businesses in the Berlin/Ocean City/Selbyville areas. The local businesses that helped make this event a success are as follows:

Hampton Inn Bayside, Emmings, Castle in the Sand, Doyle’s, Phillips, Chick-Fil-A, Pam Russell, Ocean Breeze Alpaca Farm, Ace Hardware, Adkins Hardware, Starbucks, Runaway Gifts, Hairworks, Dana Graneyer – NFL items, Vicky Holts – Handmade Jewelry, Heather Thompson – Local Younique Rep., Ronnie Gray – Handmade wooden items, Denise Nugent – Oyster Art, Andy Blizzard – Handmade Jewelry, Andrea Kenny Pampered Chef, Katie Burmingham – wooden reclaimed wood, Pam Russell/Carmen Belardo-Usborne/barefoot books, Beth Cooper – Artwork, Kim Esham- Origami Owl, Margaret Smith Local Mary Kay Rep, Pat Oltman Local Premier Jewelry Rep., Denise Mills – Handmade sewn items, Marie Vila – Handmade Jewelry, Jackie Flora-Crocheted items, Barbara Nuenhoff-air plants, Doug Auer-Photographs, and Mrs. Kavanagh – hand crocheted baby outfits.

Merry Christmas to all and again many thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the Berlin community.

Stevenson United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar Committee.


Action Needed To Save Human Race


By now most people, regardless of where they live, are very aware of the recent heinous acts of violence taken against innocent people in many parts of the world. The motives causing these acts may be explained in various ways depending on the country or government where these acts have occurred. I think the cause for these acts is the critical question that should be addressed. What we need to understand is that the Human Species has drifted away from the defined guidelines written, supposedly by Moses, around 1440 BC in the book of Exodus (20: 8 – 17) titled The Ten Commandments. If you look in the Koran comparison guidelines to those found in Exodus 20 can be found. You’ll find, however, they are more complex with suggestion for punishment that can be extreme depending upon who is doing the judgement. You may wonder why I left out Exodus (20:1 – 7). The reason is because in them is a reference to a God or Lord that some people prefer not to accept or believe in and, that of course, is their choice and right. The ones referenced (20: 8-17), however, give the true guideline for all human interaction that would result, if followed, in a peaceful human society regardless of where an individual was born, their nationality, language, race, color or religious beliefs.
If the Human Species could accept them as the true guideline for human behavior there would be no need for the concept of Nations, Borders, Armies or even Governments. I know that’s a big “IF” but each of us must think about how they guide us as human beings. They inform us to take one day out of seven to use as a day of rest, family and religious service if so inclined. The guidelines also suggest that we honor and respect our parents and everyone, not to murder, steal, commit adultery, not to give false witness against anyone and not to take or harm your neighbor or anyone we meet. Just based on these guidelines the world we live in would be an ideal peaceful place.

Impossible maybe, but consider this: We, the Human Species, have made advancements in our world to such an extent in the area of science that we now have at our disposal weapons of such destructive power if detonated in a specific way they could destroy an entire city or if more than one was used could result in sending an entire country back into the stone ages. This action would probably result in the loss of 80 or 90 percent of the population of that country. Understanding this destructive possibility whom can we depend on to make the corrective action needed to prevent such destruction. Most people will think the governments will understand this possibility and take the proper action to prevent this from happening. However, we must realize that governments are run by people who have their own concept and ideas that may be based on power and control. Past history tells us that government often can be the cause of problems not the solution. Look up the past history of the Soviet Union, Germany, China and others and you’ll find how governments can misuse their power.

The way the world is now it becomes obvious that we the people will have to be the solution through an organized effort, or an organization created by us, to take the lead in this effort to save the human race. The organization should be based on the concept on how the Human Species should interact with each other. It will need to develop a learning process of educating those that need, through their own actions or lack of understanding, the guidelines. Although this process may take time we have to start now before it’s too late. There’s a tendency in the Human Species that drives some toward evil or power that needs to be controlled. Can we find a way to achieve this goal? I would hope because, I believe, action is needed now.
Paul St. Andre

Ocean City

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