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Donations Appreciated


I would like to personally thank all of the angels who contributed so generously to Coastal Hospice’s annual “Be an Angel” fundraiser. Our wonderful supporters — 1,156 of them — contributed nearly $91,000 to help fund the charity care we provide.

Last year, Coastal Hospice cared for 1,096 patients and families in the four counties on the Lower Eastern Shore and provided more than $650,000 in charity care to patients who lacked the resources to pay for the care they desperately needed.

The average gift this year was nearly $77, which will have a significant impact on the care Coastal Hospice provides. For example, $75 can pay for one month of medical equipment for a patient at home.

We sincerely thank everyone who generously donated to our “Be an Angel” drive.

Alane K. Capen


(The writer is the president of Coastal Hospice & Palliative Care.)


Clean Beach Efforts Deserve Support


In last week’s issue, the article entitled “OC Clean Beach Efforts Pitched” caught my eye. It was mentioned that the Coastal Resources Legislative Committee (Green Team) had introduced to the Mayor and Council a program where registered volunteers would undertake a section of the Ocean City beaches from about April through October and periodically clean up the trash in “our sections of the beach.”

I support such a program immensely, as it will allow for others all with the same focused intent to join together with a common goal — that is a clean beach. After reading last week’s article, I generated an email to some owners in my building to share with them the gist of the article. Some of us already partake in cleaning up our beach entrance and we look forward to joining forces with others to help continue to make a difference.

In the near future when additional information is gathered and presented to the Mayor and Council, I hope conditions warrant for such a program to be adopted by Ocean City.

Doug Antos

Ocean City

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Voices From The Readers

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