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A Reflection On Brous


Here’s a little true story to make you think, I hope.

Back in the 1980s, I was raising two kids alone and I supported us by doing daycare in my home in West Ocean City.

I also worked nights and weekends doing whatever I could to get us through. Mrs. Rose Brous answered an ad I had put in the paper offering my typing services. Her son had written a novel and needed it typed.

I worked lots of nights in my kitchen and finally I was done. I called Mrs. Brous and she came by to pick up the manuscript.

When she asked me how much she owed me, I told her $30. She looked at me, shocked and handed me $100. She said, “Your time is worth much more than that.”

It was my turn to be shocked, for she had no way of knowing how much money that was to me.

For all of these years, I have wanted to personally thank her again for her kindness and now I can’t. So, if there is something you feel that you have to share with someone, I suggest that you do it now.

Ocean City has lost another of her incredible, true ladies.

Debbi Elliott


Smoking Move Applauded


I commend the Ocean City Council for unanimously voting in favor of the new smoking regulations. Banning smoking on the Boardwalk and requiring smokers to puff within 15 feet of smoking receptacles I believe is right for Ocean City.

While it is understood that for a segment of the population who either smokes and or just for one’s own individual reasons chooses not to support City Council’s vote on this matter, much thought went into this decision, and it was not an item that was decided upon quickly.  I see this decision by City Council truly as something that the vast majority of beach and Boardwalk visitors would support.

It was not all that long ago when a few states within this country began the ball rolling by banning smoking in bars. Years ago, when I did smoke myself, I too recall times when I simply found it unthinkable and unfair when I found myself unable to smoke inside a bar or restaurant in the two states that began such smoking ban laws which were California and New York.

Ocean City wants everyone to come and enjoy themselves during the summer season. Stroll the boardwalk and enjoy our beautiful beaches.   For some individuals who choose to smoke cigarettes or cigars, you too need to enjoy what the boardwalk and beach has to offer for you and your family and loved ones.  When you need a smoke break, take it!   You most likely will not be alone and will have a friend to converse with.

Doug Antos

Ocean City


Empty Bowl Project Success Announced


On behalf of the Art League of Ocean City and Diakonia, we would like to thank the hundreds of people who helped make the 2015 “Empty Bowl” project a huge success.

This project is a partnership between the two non-profits and was sponsored by First Shore Federal. The program is innovative as it engages people of all ages in a creative effort for a good cause. Over 350 ceramic bowls were made at the Ocean City Center for the Arts by volunteers over the course of two months. The public was invited to a soup dinner, where for a donation of $20 they were able to take home a handmade bowl to remind people of all the empty bowls in the world. Over 300 people attended the soup dinner and a good time was had by all.

Thanks go out to the hard working committee members and Art League staff who collaborated to oversee the bowl making and present the dinner — Debbi Anderson, Mallory Hanback, Nancy Barnas, Erik Hertz, Lisi Ruczynski, Karen Tomosello, Margaret Kimmel, Katie Rosinski, Kathy Bohs, Nancy Fortney, Sandy Glassman, Jacquie Warden, Christina Simpson and Kelsey Jakubiak.

Our gratitude goes to all the restaurants and businesses who donated the delicious soups, breads, desserts and beverages to the dinner. These civic-minded businesses are what makes this area great and we appreciate their donations. They are Seacrets, Sunset Grille, Pickles Pub, Liquid Assets, BJ’s, Phillip’s Crab House, Lighthouse Sound, Dunes Manor, Dunkin Donuts, Harris Teeter, Superfresh and Food Lion. Thank you to the dozens of businesses that provided items for the silent and chinese auction. The evening was enhanced with live music provided by Patty Buchta and Marisa Longo.

Our appreciation goes out to the many volunteers from both organizations and students from Stephen Decatur High School who came out to help set up, serve, prepare desserts and clean up at the soup dinner. This collaboration by the two non-profits benefits the entire community. A limited number of commemorative bowls are still available by contacting the Ocean City Center for the Arts.

All of the proceeds of this project will go to support the missions of Diakonia and the Art League. The mission of the Art League of Ocean City is to promote the visual arts in the Ocean City area through exhibits, education, scholarship, programs and community art events. Diakonia is dedicated to building a foundation for those in crisis or who are homeless while maintaining their dignity and respect, providing hope and assistance and helping them change the direction of their lives, one step at a time.

Again, we appreciate the participation and the support of all who made this unique fundraiser possible.

Rina Thaler

Claudia Nagle

(Thaler is the executive director of the Art League of Ocean City, while Nagle is the executive director of Diakonia.)


Middle East Fears


Twelve months ago, the Iraqi Army was better armed, better trained, and they outnumber the opposing ISIS forces 35 to 1. Despite that huge advantage, they refused to defend their country. They dropped their weapons, tore off their uniforms and ran.

The same lack of resolve was displayed in Yemen, where the US spent $400 million to train and arm the Yemen army. In that case, the terrorist insurgents overthrew the government without having to fire a single shot. It is infinitely apparent that regional governments and their military, lack the courage to defend themselves. Regional hatred is repeatedly and far too often, demonstrated when a Muslim willingly detonates himself, trading his life to kill any person just because they have a different ideology, be they Muslim or not. Hatred and cowardess run hand-in-hand in that region and are equally important in how the indigenous people live their life.

The terrorist organization that will kill in the most heinous way becomes the most powerful force, born out of the fear they generate. The average peaceful Muslim must choose, leave the area, die, or comply. The end-result is the ability of the few, be they dictator or terrorist, to rule the many. This is foreign to Americans. There is no way we would allow ourselves to be ruled by fear.

E Pluribus Unum, translates as “out of many, one” is in our fiber, it is in our culture and not just on our currency. Point is: we mistakenly think we can change the Muslim culture to something resembling our own. If change for the better is to come to that troubled region, it has to be because those in the Middle East want it, because they are willing to fight and die for it, and not because US forces are there to see to it.

Charles Eary



Rural Pharmacy Patients Must Be Aware Of Insurance Change


There seems to be a great deal of confusion concerning pharmacy benefits between existing United Healthcare commercial patients and the new United Healthcare Maryland Medicaid Program that is administered by the State of Maryland. If you have United Healthcare Commercial Insurance, be assured that this does not affect you at all, at least as of now.

UHC Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) has sold a concept to the state to save money by creating a new UHC MCO but it is very shortsighted for the patients of the Eastern Shore with negative consequences to occur. In their haste, they neglected to assure practical access for these patients.

Sure, the COMAR regulations specify that 30 miles is the limit in distance for rural patients to travel from their residence to a pharmacy but that has never been an issue in the past since the independent pharmacies have positioned themselves to fill the void. Those who are disabled and depend on delivery as well as those without transportation will suffer. Drugs don’t work if you don’t take them and if you can’t get them, the results will be increased healthcare costs with hospitalizations as a reality.

It obviously makes no sense to save on drug costs but in turn increase total healthcare expenditures with hospitalization. Beginning April 1, there will be over 300 pharmacies that will be left out of the new network which includes all independent pharmacies in the state.

If you think you have to wait for your prescription at chain pharmacies now, can you imagine what it will be like when nearly half of the pharmacies in the state of Maryland won’t be able to fill those UHC Medicaid prescriptions?

If you’re an existing UHC MCO patient, you can change to another state MCO by calling 800-977-7388, and choose Option #3.

Please remember that all of this change only affects UHC Medicaid MCO participants, and your voice can help prevent a catastrophe in your wellbeing. Please note, if you did not get a letter from United HealthCare, this change does not apply to you.

Jeff Sherr


(The writer is the owner of Apple Discount Drugs.)

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