An Inferior’s Letter To Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

You sure are a fickle you know what.

Let’s take the last week as an example. For the most part, it was quite pleasant with temperatures reaching the upper-60s on Saturday during the annual Irish parade and festival in Ocean City. That was until Sunday evening when temperatures plummeted and rain turned to sleet and then eventually snow. Once it started snowing, it didn’t stop for about 24 hours and at least six inches of snow blanketed the area.

Within a couple days, the snow was all but gone, thanks to some rain and warm temperatures. Now word is some sort of disturbance will take place next week that could bring more snow to the area, despite the fact spring officially started yesterday.
While it’s clear you are not one to follow the whims of the calendar, it seems you have been feeling disrespected and hold a burning desire to demonstrate your control and power. We have a couple things to say about that.

First, there is no reason to be feeling denigrated because we know you are in the driver’s seat here. Living in this area, we know all too well what kind of havoc and destruction you can reap. You have done it often and more times than any of us care to document.

Furthermore, the weather roller coaster you have been tossing our way is simply unfair. Take the poor daffodils for example. In many areas, they popped happily out of the ground during a warm spell earlier this month in between the two Monday snow storms. On Tuesday, images of the yellow flowers buried in snow were evident everywhere.

One of the pleasures of living in this coastal area is the change of the seasons. Typically, there are wild extremes that come with it, but this has been a ridiculous winter season. Even the kids are now rolling their eyes at all this snow and Arctic air.

We would like to let you know you win and the proverbial white flag is being waved here. You are in control and we are asking you to please adhere to the mercy rule, which in youth sports involves an acknowledgement that one foe is completely overmatched by the other and there is no competitive chance.

Enough is enough. We know us mere mortals are no match to your might and will. We just ask for a fair shot in this game, and we implore you to please ease up or at least make up your mind one way or the other.

We do hope — respectfully, of course — you agree it’s spring and start acting that way.


Your obedient inferior


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