With May Comes Official ‘Get Ready’ Season


Every season means something significant in the Ocean City area and with the calendar flipping to May it’s worth a look at the unique aspects of the changing of the seasons around these parts.

The summer is the most important of the four seasons. It’s critical to households, businesses and the general economy of the lower shore. Ocean City and West Ocean City fuels much of that economic development, thanks largely to tourism and its associated impacts on nearly every aspect of life here.

It’s the season of the crowds. Everything takes a little longer and patience is a virtue. The weather, as is the case in all seasons here, plays a huge factor. A poorly timed weekend storm can wreak havoc on everyone’s bottom line, while a string of dry, sunny weather in late July and early August can make for a memorable season for most business.

The fall is what many believe is the best time to call this area home due to warm air and water temperatures teaming with smaller crowds. It represents a time of reflection and assessment on the peak season that was. It’s time to weigh the financial gains of the seasons for the business owners while employees and staff members get a little reprieve from the hectic pace of life and their bank accounts reflect their hard work. The kids head back to school and most of them are ready by the time the calendar flips to September.

The winter is dreadful for most. That’s why some don’t stick around for it. It’s usually cold and the area becomes ghostly during the weeks and weekend business is largely dependent on the weather, which is its most inconsistent typically at this time of year. This past winter, for example, was a nightmare for most due to unusual snowfalls and frigid temperatures for long spells.

The spring is a season of revival as signs of private and commercial reinvestment are everywhere. Businesses are working diligently to put their best foot forward by adding new coats of paints, replacing infrastructure, completing larger projects and basically getting ready for the onslaught. There’s a saying in Ocean City that you never get done, you just get open. That’s the current season but it’s an exciting one. The traditional school year is winding down and thoughts of summer and more consistent weather fill the psyche.

If you live here year-round, more than likely you have already learned to embrace each season and the changes between them. Spring is our favorite because it signals the season is near and all the businesses begin to re-open.

There is nothing like the relief of a warm and sunny spring day. We had a string of those this week and all of a sudden the grass is growing faster, more and more colors are sprouting from front yards and the seasonal optimism has returned. Add a warm weekend in there and the signs of awakening and life returning to the beach area are celebrated. That’s the season we are in now and it’s particularly special after that harsh winter.




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