Thoughts From The Publisher’s Desk


It has become tradition in our issue closest to Christmas to look back on some predictions I made at the end of 2013 for the year 2014.

As usual, there were many that were completely wrong, some that were right and others somewhere in between. Next week, I will take another stab on the prediction front.

In the meantime, let’s look back at what I thought was going to happen in 2014. As usual, I was wrong more than right about my prognostications but at least a few were correct.


On The Money

• I was right when I predicted Margaret Pillas would not seek another term on the Ocean City Council in 2014.

• I was correct when I surmised that one incumbent Worcester County Commissioner would lose in the November election. It turns out it was 16-year incumbent Virgil Shockley, who lost his seat to familiar foe Ted Elder.

• An agreement was in fact reached between the Town of Berlin and the Berlin Fire Company that significantly restored funding to the emergency services agency (although not to the former level).

• Salisbury did in fact follow in Berlin’s footsteps and create a stormwater utility.

• Ocean City did continue to use the $50 flat fee parking system on July 4 to much success.

• Steven Taylor was named the new executive director of the Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services organization as I envisioned.

• For the second year in a row, I was right when I predicted there would be no tropical activity that bothered Ocean City in 2014.

• The Dew Tour did return to Ocean City in June.

• A new Tractor Supply store did open in the old Ames building in Berlin near the high school.

• Legislation was passed allowing Berlin to have private liquor “to go” operations.

• The Seattle Seahawks did win the Super Bowl in February. However, I had them downing the Patriots. It was the Broncos the Seahawks defeated handily.


What Was I Thinking?

• I was right that Anthony Brown would defeat Doug Gansler in Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. However, I was wrong when I predicted Brown would become the next governor. He was actually defeated soundly after running a dreadful campaign by Republican Larry Hogan, who was a masterful campaigner.

• I thought a court would have to settle the matter, but Atlantic General Hospital and the Town of Berlin were able to reach a compromise on their stormwater fee stalemate out of court.

• Former Ocean City Councilman Vince Gisriel never ran for Worcester County Commissioner as I thought he might. In the end, Joe Mitrecic was unopposed and replaced Louise Gulyas as the resort’s representative.

• It was another error when I predicted Brent Ashley would seek re-election in Ocean City. He decided to not run after one term.

• Nostradamus I was not when I guessed a major snow storm would dump a foot of snow on Delmarva in February.

• There were four new faces (not three as I guessed) elected to the Worcester County Commission in 2014.

• I am thrilled to report I was wrong when I said the price for an unleaded gallon of gasoline would stay above $3 all year.

• News never broke that a new Worcester County Humane Society facility would be built in West Ocean City as I thought it might.

• The Wicomico County Board of Education has not yet sought an exemption for its schools from Salisbury’s new stormwater fee system.

• The speed limit was reduced on Route 113 through Berlin, contrary to what I thought.

• As far as I know, the new iPhone 6 cannot start your car remotely as I thought it might.

• Ocean City has never publicly discussed annexing West Ocean City because of frustration over tax differential squabbles with the county.

• Maryland did not add a buck to its cigarette tax as I thought it would to raise revenue.

• The Casino at Ocean Downs did not celebrate the opening of a new facility and table games. Ground has not broken on that new addition as of yet.

• Despite what my heart said, the Orioles did not win the World Series. I had them defeating the Dodgers. Instead, the Giants beat the Royals, who knocked out the Orioles in the playoffs.


Still Up In The Air

• Although it looks like he will be making a run, there is nothing definitive on Governor Martin O’Malley’s presidential decision in 2016. I had predicted he would make it clear in 2014 that he will be a presidential candidate. He still might do so, but he could also be a vice presidential candidate under prospective presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, who seems a certainty to take another shot at the Democratic nomination.

• Ocean City did not make any announcement to discontinue its annual Mayor and Council Open House at City Hall as I figured. However, officials did relocate the annual New Year’s Day event for 2015 to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center.

• No national chain restaurants have yet been announced for the pad sites in front of the Walmart and Home Depot.


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