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Hospital Prepared

For Ebola Response


Peninsula Regional Medical Center takes its role as Delmarva’s largest tertiary care center very seriously. When the Ebola virus outbreak began in West Africa, PRMC began making preparations before anyone in the United States was ever diagnosed with an Ebola infection. Since August, Peninsula Regional has kept up to date and implemented precautions based on and exceeding guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reflecting our commitment to keeping the community and our staff safe from Ebola.

Safety and preparedness are essential to our mission. As healthcare providers, it’s what we are trained to do, what we have promised our communities we will do, and it’s what the public relies on us to do. While the possibility of an Ebola outbreak on the Eastern Shore may seem remote, Peninsula Regional is accustomed to preparing for the worst ─ if not Ebola, then a virulent flu strain, a tornado, a hurricane, a hazardous waste spill or any other worst-case scenario that we might face. Frequent drills and continuing staff education are a vital part of our emergency preparations. We perform continuous reviews of our procedures based on the latest data from the CDC.

Knowledge is power. Peninsula Regional’s team has been working on every aspect of preparing for a potential Ebola-infected patient, starting at our front door ─ asking travel history when patients first come in, gathering the best protective gear and supplies above and beyond CDC’s protocols, and ensuring that our staff is trained to use them.

We work closely with local and state health departments, and participate in CDC and Maryland Hospital Association preparedness conference sessions to coordinate our response to the threat of Ebola virus, to ensure that every protocol is followed and any outbreak is avoided.

While we certainly hope to never have to treat anyone for Ebola, we are prepared to deliver professional, safe, compassionate care while safeguarding our providers and our community. If you wish to learn more, please visit peninsula.org for useful links, resources and information about Ebola.

Mary Beth D’Amico

C.B. Silvia

(D’Amico is Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer. Silvia is Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer.)


Failing Government


There is a tempest brewing and it will soon be upon us. Although we are well versed in sea storms this tempest is manmade.

Despite the good news that our annual deficit has declined to a record 2.8%, an Ebola like tempest of disconnected events swirls around us. 1. The 10-year interest, an indicator of demand for money appears headed below 2% once again, deflationary signals abound, not good. 2. The printing of money and buying of government bonds and mortgages for the third time will stop, for now. 3. The decline in the market is at correction stage. 4. Turkey instead of attacking ISSA has attacked the Kurds we are defending. 5. Russia has announced that the Obama sanctions underlie a breach with us far more severe than we understand. 6. UN warns that Kaboni in Syria will fall and Bagdad will be next leading to the uncivilized slaughters of all inhabitants, despite Obama’s air circus.

We often like to think we are removed in our sunny seaside resort, really? Let’s look a little closer. Peter Franchot, the comptroller, was reported to have said on a Washington radio show yesterday those property taxes in Maryland would have to be increased 67% to balance the Maryland budget. This is on top of 38 tax increases passed on Marylanders over the last eight years. Or at least on the poor souls that haven’t left the State of Maryland.

Locally I saw an elect Jim Mathias TV commercial and was shocked by his claim that he had “reduced taxes”. I looked it up and couldn’t find a tax he reduced. He voted for all the 38 tax increases. I have known him since 1968. I called him and asked what taxes he had lowered. He said he would email me. I am still waiting. His opponent, Mike McDermott, is a boring incrementalist but at least appears to be honest.

The candidates’ debate for Council at the senior center in Ocean City was a carnival of ignorance. All but Joe Hall thought that Ocean City had a nine-month season. The facts are that 87% of the room tax comes in five months and that the other seven months average less than 2% of revenues per month. Lloyd Martin was conspicuously absent. In total, the candidates were an unimpressive and uninformed group.

As guidance, vote for anyone whose sign is not in Dennis Dare’s front yard. Nancy Bolt, although clueless, will not be easily bought off by the mayor or his muscle, Mr. Recker (misspelled intentionally), whose primary job is to bury the council in 150-plus page work session opuses. Nancy might turn out to be a young Margaret Pillas, a conscience for the council, we can hope. Similarly Wayne Hartman, has a business background although I have no direct sign of it, he may in time fill Brent Ashley’s shoes.

If we elect like-minded people, we will never hear dissent. It is important for people to hear dissent, both sides.

Tony Deluca is similar to the dysfunctional talkers we have had in the past and those just leaving. Chris Rudolf is too smooth and too political, the last thing we need in difficult times. That’s my down and dirty people. Now back to my tax petition, which I am proud to say is going well.

Tony Christ

Ocean City


Remember When Voting


How great and wonderful an accomplishment for our Baltimore Orioles. Home-town athletes with talent being put in the lineup and on the field. To apply their talent, to strive for their goals, to be the best they can be and without the confines of an authoritative, controlling management.

This is totally opposite to the political leadership in Washington D.C. and Annapolis. Domineering. Controlling. Stifling. Power-hungry. Not respectful of the citizens, not willing to give us leeway, and not willing to enable the opportunities to achieve our dreams.

Remember this when you vote this year. Vote for the candidate that, like Buck, will let you play, let you be the best person you can be, let you achieve your dreams. And reject the candidate who won’t.

Mike DiBerardo

Ocean City


Church Benefit

Support Appreciated


The parishioners of St. Paul’s by-the-Sea want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those caring individuals and businesses that helped with the fundraiser, supporting the fire restoration fund, held on Sunday. The wonderful Italian dinner, donated by Caryn McIntyre of Mac’s Catering, was a true delight and appropriate for the Columbus Day weekend.

This community is so blessed to have such compassionate citizens who support so many worthwhile endeavors.  A huge thank you goes to the local media for lending their help. This includes the newspapers for advertising the fundraiser; our local radio personalities for mentioning the dinner; and the television stations for placing the information on their Calendar of Events. Another thank you goes to the local hoteliers who put the information on their marquees.

With the help and prayers of so many people, it is hoped the restoration will be complete by the beginning of the year and, once again, services will be held in the beloved historic church.

The Rev. Mark Cyr

Ocean City


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Voices From The Readers

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