Things I Like – July 29, 2016

The first days after getting a new phone That my son is being taught cursive handwriting Respect for police People who know the local blogs can’t be trusted to report facts Summer heat waves Lunch on a pool raft Taking my kids to Vacation Bible School Watching dogs enjoy the water When good news travels… Read more »

Things I Like – July 21, 2016

Rooftop gardens in cities When kids get together to raise money for something The sounds of the Boardwalk on a summer night When a household chore is completed Sharing a childhood memory with my kids A cheesesteak with fried onions Throwing away a list after everything is crossed off The series, “Happy Valley” Live music… Read more »

Things I Like – July 15, 2016

Swimming in the ocean with my sons Raw oysters When a streak of good luck occurs Taking a frozen bottle of water to the beach An inspiring church sermon Giving people guidance on adoption Reading Dick Lohmeyer’s former thoughts Trying to take off Fridays this time of year Articulate teens Remember the old blue and… Read more »

Things I Like – July 8, 2016

A pool dip after a workout Lifeguards who are friendly to kids Living at the beach and not working the 4th The beach in the late afternoon after it clears out When a soup and salad does the trick Finding a parking spot on the oceanside Photos that require little editing A working lunch at… Read more »

Things I Like – July 1, 2016

Weekends with no plans My kids the morning after the Tooth Fair comes Bravo’s “Odd Mom Out” show Beach bonfires with friends History buffs Grilled fish tacos Sockless weekends The ‘80s channel on XM All the soccer on TV this summer The flag jump at the OC Air Show My new goal of steamed crabs… Read more »

Things I Like – June 10, 2016

A pool dip after a hot run Happy endings Steamed crabs and shrimp for dinner When my kid shares good news ESPN’s “30-for-30” documentaries Ravens fanatics on display at the annual OC Parade My kids’ excitement for going to The Snowball Stand in Ocean Pines Lunch on the beach Harmless and funny sarcasm Comebacks in… Read more »

Things I Like – June 3, 2016

Walking to dinner in Berlin Raw oysters and a beer How fast kids make new friends Seeing the sunrise driving over the Assateague bridge Humble high school sports athletes Michelle Freeman’s graduation speech last week Toys that can take a beating and still work A strong work ethic on display A pile of crabs not… Read more »

Things I Like – May 27, 2016

When my kid answers a question in church (and gets it right) Friday afternoon school pickups “A Modern Family” marathon after a long day Upsets in college lacrosse Having thick skin when it comes to criticism Close youth sports games Assateague wildlife photos Seeing a fox on the beach in Ocean City Taking a frozen… Read more »