Things I Like



Celebrity Family Feud silliness


Watching my kids swim well


Paddleboarding with my wife




Hitting the fairway on a tee shot


A dog crazy over a ball


How hungry my kids get on the beach


Fireworks in the summer


The truth even if it stings


Getting Orioles score updates by text

Things I Like

An outdoor shower at night   The rare times when my kids admit they are actually tired   Summer nights at The Freeman Stage   When my phone is not near me   Falling asleep early on a Sunday night   When I enjoy a kids movie, too   The front row at a concert   Eavesdropping on tourists’ conversations … Continue reading

Things I Like

Watching kite boarders on Assateague   Exercising first thing in the morning   When a small crab surprises with a lot of meat   That unique something about eating fried chicken on the beach   The pier Ferris wheel at night   Going through the Inlet on the way back from a fishing trip   My two exhausted kids after … Continue reading

Things I Like

Swimming in the ocean during the Air Show   Hearing sea gulls in Berlin   Taking my kids to their first O’s game   Weekends with nothing but flip-flops   Technology that works as it’s supposed to   Apple slices and peanut butter   Finding a tiny conch shell on the beach Eavesdropping on a crowded beach   Shrimp with … Continue reading

Things I Like

Overnight getaways with my wife   Going into a movie with low expectations and being blown away   How my kids are adept at navigating a smart phone   Checking out a new concert venue   My first experience last week at a Cheesecake Factory   Pool antics with my kids   Dogs not bothered by cats   People on … Continue reading

Things I Like

Outdoor showers   The flags Ocean City display along the Boardwalk on holiday weekends   Observing a baby’s first trip to the beach   An album full of Polaroid photos   Shaking hands with a little boy   How much my son loves to paddleboard   Splinters that come out easily   A dip in a pool after a beach … Continue reading

Things I Like

Three-day weekends any time of year   Looking back at baby pictures of my kids   Pizza and a beer for dinner   Conventional name spellings   A well-done hot dog right off the grill   Avoiding traffic on back roads   Cool spring mornings   Humble professional athletes   Under Armour T-shirts   Displays of gratitude   A good … Continue reading