The Resorter … Revisited

10-16 Color-Resorter WEB

Summer of 1972

Volume XVIII

Edition No. 4

Issue Highlights

• This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Gretchen Plate, who was photographed by Dale Timmons.

• High Point North on112th Street and the beach was being marketed with one- and two-bedroom apartments starting under $40,000.

• 2nd National Building & Loan Inc. on 73rd Street was offering 5.5-percent current annual rate from day of deposit to day of withdrawal compounded daily, added quarterly.

• The Golden Bull on 70th Street was offering all you can drink from 5-6:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays, for only $2.

• Among those captured in the double truck spread, “Many Faces of Ocean City,” were John Fager, Purple Moose; Martha Bunting, Angler Restaurant; Wally Wallace, Schertle Galleries; John Rolfe, Resort Realty; Goose Kaiser, Wishing Well; Joan Hess, Hess Apparel; Bob Craig, OC Beach Patrol; Dick Earle, Hurricane; and Ed Higgins, Crab Claw.

• Ocean Downs was offering rain-or-shine harness racing from Tuesday through Saturday during the summer and ending on Sept. 2.

• The Broadway version of Jesus Christ Super Star was booked for the Ocean City Convention Center on Sept. 2, followed by The Beach Boys on Sept. 3.

• New at Trimper’s Rides this year was the go cart track, Flying Carpet, The Rotor and Rock ‘n’ Roll.


The Resorter … Revisited

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The Resorter … Revisited

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The Resorter … Revisited

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