Bank Of Ocean City’s SD High School Football MVP Of The Week

Students G-1Students H-1Bank of Ocean City’s Earl Conley presents a weekly award and a donation to the Boosters in the name of the week’s Stephen Decatur High School football MVP. The last two weeks’ MVPs were Ernest Shockley, above left, who totaled 20 tackles against Bennett two weeks, and Darion McKenzie, who rushed for 205 yards with four touchdowns. The honorees are pictured with Conley and Head Coach Bob Knox.

Worcester Preparatory School Hosted Upper School Homecoming Dance

Worcester Preparatory School hosted its Upper School Homecoming Dance last month. Pictured, front from left, are Homecoming King Nick Curtis and Queen Julia D’Antonio; and, back, freshman Prince Sam Cantor and freshman Princess Hannah Merritt, Sophomore Prince Nic Abboud and Sophomore Princess Sophia Principe, Junior Princess Sara Young and Junior Prince Luke Buas and Senior Princess Sarah Koon and Senior … Continue reading

Ocean City Elementary School Holds Third Annual Heavenly Hats Day

Ocean City Elementary School held its third annual Heavenly Hats Day on Thursday, Oct. 15. For just a $1 donation, students, faculty and staff had the privilege of wearing their favorite hats to school, while positively impacting the lives of those facing the biggest challenge of their lives — cancer. OCES made a donation of $635.40 to the Heavenly Hats Foundation. Julie … Continue reading

Worcester Prep Sixth Grade Students Present The Play Comic Book Artist

Worcester Preparatory School sixth grade students presented the play Comic Book Artist by Pat Lydersen in the Athletic and Performing Arts Center on Oct. 27. It was directed by teachers Linda Smith and Susan Godwin. Pictured, front from left, are Myra Cropper, Aiden Hammond, Henry Hershey, Brice Richins, Graham McCabe and Lily Baeurle; second row, Ayush Batra, Katharine Moore, Anita … Continue reading

Worcester Prep Honors Spanish IV Students Create Ofrenda As A Tribute To Beloved WPS Teachers And Mentors, Who Passed Away Last Year

Worcester Preparatory School Honors Spanish IV students created an ofrenda (altar) as a tribute to beloved WPS teachers and mentors Frank Love and Dan Freed, who sadly passed away last year. Pictured, front from left, are Nate Abercrombie, Devin Hammond, Ryan Murphy, Victoria Middleton and Jordan Osias; and, back, Spanish teacher Kira Eade, Grace Tunis, Isabel Carulli, Hannah Arrington, Reece Brown, Wyatt … Continue reading