Things I Like

Cold fruit on the beach


Genuine excitement from my kids


Leaving church inspired


Old Bay on eggs


Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’


The foliage along Harrison Road


Cathartic morning workouts


An old school wall pencil sharpener


Coming into a clean desk on Mondays


A variety of colorful mums in a front yard


Drama-less work days



Worcester Prep Fifth Grade Class Takes Part In Kite Flying Day

It was Kite Flying Day in Alayne Shockley’s fifth grade class at Worcester Preparatory School. Students show some of their handmade kites, which were created during their study of flight and rocketry. Pictured, front from left, are Gavin Burton and Amith Tatineni; second row, Ayush Batra, Pranay Sanwal, Anna Marie Buas, Kate Conaway, Lily Baeurle, Sumira Sehgal, Puja Jani, Olivia … Continue reading

Annual Red Ribbon Campaign Teaches Students About Drug Awareness

The Red Ribbon Campaign is an annual celebration that ran from Oct. 20-24. This event helps to educate students about drug awareness and prevention. Many different activities happen throughout the week. Several of our students won prizes to kick off Red Ribbon Week. Pictured, back from left, are Kayden Hamby, Lauren Myers, Maura Vosburg, Brett Berquist, Jessa Hoover, Summer Vorsteg … Continue reading

Worcester Prep Seniors And Alumni Class Of 2014 Capture Four National Advanced Placement Honors And 44 Other Honors From The College Board

Worcester Prep seniors and alumni of the Class of 2014 captured four National Advanced Placement Honors and 44 other honors from the College Board. Seniors honored for outstanding AP scores were, front, Paige Evans, Sophie Brennan, Amanda Gabriel, Arella Berger and Mikalah Potvin; and, back, Natalie Twilley, Kyle Chandler, Erik Zorn, Jarad Godwin, Cameron DiPerna, Trent Hartman, Mattie Maull, Gabby … Continue reading

Upper School Students At Worcester Prep Take Part In Sock It To Suicide Day

Upper School students at Worcester Preparatory School took part in the Sock It to Suicide Day by contributing to the Jesse Klump Memorial Foundation and wearing brightly-colored socks to school. Mary Jo Dean, from Worcester County Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention, was the featured speaker at classroom sessions, which focused upon suicide prevention awareness. Showing their glamorous socks are, from … Continue reading

Buckingham Elementary Third Grade Students Learn About Bald Eagles

In Project Outreach, Buckingham Elementary third grade students have been learning about bald eagles, America’s national symbol of freedom and power. With help of a local designer, Elise Olson, students created a life size replica of this magnificent bird. Pictured, back from left, are Bryan Saucedo, Hugo Morales Perez and Jamien Purnell; and front, Gretchen Scher, Jazmin Miranda, Yamileth Portela-Morales, Jah’Kayla … Continue reading