Things I Like

The free kids’ events at the Freeman Stage


Rain washed sidewalks in the morning


People who fly flags over their beach areas for the day


Going for a long paddle by myself


Big puffy clouds and a blue sky


A clean high tide on the bay


Corn on the cob and crabs


Smelling ocean coming into town


Modest rich people


A quiet boat motor


Orioles games at Camden Yards

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

The Paddock was one of Ocean City’s most popular nightclubs for 60 years. Built by Gabby Mancini, Sr. on the corner of 18th Street and Philadelphia Avenue in 1953, it featured live entertainment. The Saturday afternoon jam sessions were legendary and drew crowds to what in that era was considered “way up the beach.” The original building was partially destroyed … Continue reading

Adventures Of Fatherhood

Interactions with children are always interesting and I’m thankful to have two sons who always keep life entertaining. Let the following serve as a recap of recent happenings of note. •Beckett buddies up every beach day with newfound friends, and some are more entertaining than others. Before Beckett even started a conversation with the boy — who I later learned … Continue reading

Worcester Prep Students Selected For Jump Start Program At Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Worcester Prep students Maggie Coutu, Isabel Dashiell and Julie Talbot have been selected for scholarships to attend the Jump Start Program at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute of the University of Maryland. The students will study biomedical science during their time at the Institute. With the young scientists is AP Biology teacher Tom Westcott.

Diamondback And Dragon Teams At SD Middle School Participate In Kayak Eco-Tour

As part of their service learning project, students from the Diamondback and Dragon teams at Stephen Decatur Middle School participated in a kayak eco-tour with Ayers Creek Adventures. Pictured, from left, are Suzy Taylor of Ayers Creek Adventures, Jenna Banks and Haley Littleton, and, back Nellie DeHart, Na’Jee Finney and De’ija Bowen. Submitted Photos

Two Junior American Legion Auxiliary Members Presented With Awards

During the the American Legion Auxiliary Synepuxent Unit 166 May Meeting, Junior Auxiliary Chair Rosie Garlitz presented awards to two of the Junior Auxiliary members. The Junior Auxiliary Member Of The Year 2014-2015 went to 10-year-old Kendahl Parsons, who is pictured with her parents, David and Jessie Parsons. In addition, Sabrina Pecora, not pictured, received a Certificate of Appreciation and … Continue reading

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Local kids used to earn spending money for the pinball arcades and Boardwalk rides by selling seashells on the Boardwalk. Conch shells were the best sellers and were found on Assateague before the Verrazano Bridge made public access to the island easy in 1962. Comic books, handmade jewelry and “shark strings,” which were woven string ankle bracelets that claimed to … Continue reading