Fifth Grade Sailfish Team At Berlin Intermediate School Complete Book Report Assignment

Students in the fifth grade Sailfish team at Berlin Intermediate School recently completed an interesting book report assignment. Students had to read a book, complete an oral report and explain how the characters interacted with and influenced other characters. They then had to decorate a pumpkin to represent a character from the book. Above, Brie Schwendemann’s pumpkin character was from “The … Continue reading

Things I Like

An old dog soaking up the sun in a yard   Being around happy people   Leather-bound books on a shelf   Carryout sushi for dinner   Upward Soccer   My son’s disappointment if he doesn’t get an ‘A’   Easy deadline days   A good dinner followed by a better movie   Reaching a long-term goal   Wearing shirts … Continue reading

Worcester Prep Sixth Graders Study Hispanic Culture

For their studies of Hispanic culture with Spanish teacher Kira Eade, Worcester Prep sixth graders created Dia de los Muertos Altars similar to those constructed in libraries, museums and classrooms in Mexico and the United States. The altars are a way of honoring traditions and those who have passed away. Above, Hannah Perdue, left, shows an altar in honor of … Continue reading

Buckingham Elementary K-Kids Club Inducts Officers And Members

Carolyn Dryzga, president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City, the sponsoring parent club to the K-Kids Club at Buckingham Elementary School, officiated the recent Induction Ceremony for the officers and members for school year. Pictured, front from left, are Dryzgac, Treasurer William Alther, Secretary Cadence Garrison, Vice President Paola Garica, President Ava Elliott and Kiwanis liaison BJ Baker; … Continue reading

Showell Elementary Kindergarten Classes Create Haunted Houses

Stacey Ruark’s and Julie Bobik’s kindergarten classes at Showell Elementary School created haunted houses using 3D shapes from home, as part of a Project Based Learning Unit. Pictured at left are Bobik and students Jory Luzader-Vaccaro, Liam Collins, Addison Brown and Kylee Funke. Pictured at right with Ruark are Vance Bell, Tyler Kim, Morgan Michalski and Cali Thompson.