Worcester Prep Sophomore Biology Class Invites Kindergarten Class To Learn About Animal Cells

Students B

Jenn Corron’s sophomore Worcester Prep Biology class invited Cathy Auxer’s and Tracey Berry’s kindergarten classes to learn about animal cells. Each kindergarten student was paired with a sophomore partner. The teams worked together to label the parts of cells and then construct a cell model using play dough, pipe cleaners, beads, and glitter. Toothpick flags depicting all the parts of the cells were added to the model. Kindergartners took their cell models home to teach their families about cells. Above are Conan Geiger and Josh Willey.

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The Resorter … Revisited

Summer of 1977 Volume XIII Edition 7   Issue Highlights   • This week’s “Resorter Girl” was 17-year-old Nancy Machado, an Oxen Hill resident who worked at South Moon Under • In Donaway Furniture’s ad, the motto was “We Just Look Expensive …” It also read “Master Charge & Bank Americard Honored.” • Among stores included at Shantytown in West Ocean City were … Continue reading