Things I Like

Taking a bucket of fried chicken to the beach


Free valet service at DuPont Hospital


When my kids both sleep past 7 a.m.


All the out-of-state plates in Berlin these days


When the WOC park-and-ride actually gets used


Crispy pizza


A hand-written note from my son


O’s Manager Buck Showalter


Inspirational feature stories


Watching tourists on the Boardwalk


A fast-moving checkout line



The Resorter … Revisited

Summer of 1969 Volume XIV Edition 3 Issue Highlights •The cover girl this week was Joanne Quick, who was also featured in the week’s Hess Apparel ad. •An advertisement for Captain William Bunting’s Angler Restaurant spotlighted the “new” 65-foot Angler boat, “built to our specification and fully equipped electronically. Captain Jack Bunting, your skipper …” •Oceanfront apartments in the Caliban … Continue reading

The Resorter … Revisited

Summer of 1979 Volume XXIV Edition 6 Issue Highlights •This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Lisa Coffman, a 20-year-old Balti-more resident who was working at Phillips Crab House during the summer of 1979. •Gabriel’s on the Ocean was serving breakfast and lunch inside the Dunes Motel on 27th Street. •The Wharf on 128th Street was offering 20-cent clam or oyster on … Continue reading

Things I Like

Surprises in the mail   Days without a phone call   The few days before new sunglasses get a scratch   World Cup soccer intensity   Friendly health insurance people   The optimism of a new business   Ice cream on the beach   Trying new drinks   People watching at a karaoke bar   Showing my kids old photo … Continue reading

SD High School Senior, Valarie Petsche, Worcester County Garden Club Scholarship Winner

Worcester County Garden Club Scholarship Committee Members celebrated at Denovo’s Restaurant with Stephen Decatur High School scholarship winner Valarie Petsche, who will be attending the University of South Carolina studying Marine Biology.  Pictured, from left, are Joanne Kirby, Alice Tweedy, Petsche, Carol Morrison and Marion Novack.