Worcester Prep Pre-K Through Grade 5 Students Perform At Annual Spring Music And Arts Festival

Prior to school letting out, Worcester Prep family and friends enjoyed an afternoon of music and art presented by Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students who performed at the Annual Spring Music & Art Festival. Lower School music teacher Alana Parker directed a cast of more than 200 students colorfully dressed for the theme “Musical Mallards… Read more »

Covered Up

By Scott Lenox The weather that swept through the area yesterday afternoon into last night left us with some pretty tough conditions today.  It was pretty rough offshore thanks to the wind, and inshore the bay was left looking like Columbian coffee with extra cream.  Neither of these conditions make it easy for charters to… Read more »

Big Eyes and Scary Skies

By Scott Lenox We had some wicked storms roll through the area this evening….really wicked!  Very heavy rain and lots of lightning had folks running for cover…no one in their right mind was on the water after 4:30 unless they had to be.  Only a couple of boats in the offshore fleet headed to the… Read more »

Tuna…Tuna…Tuna Fish

By Scott Lenox Last weeks weather forecast for the canyons predicted today to have winds in excess of 30 knots and seas in excess of 10 feet…..boy was that wrong….it was beautiful.  Thankfully the forecast updated early enough for the offshore fleet to make plans to head out, and they were rewarded handsomely. There was… Read more »