Worcester Prep Students Inducted Into Pablo Picasso Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Students D

Students inducted into the Pablo Picasso Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica at Worcester Preparatory School were, front from left, Hannah Arrington, Fiona Reid, Frankie Willing, Caroline Lindsay, Meg Lingo, Lilly DiNardo, Sarah Koon and Victoria Middleton; second row, Devin Hammond, Isabel Carulli, Laura Issel, Cassie Stevens, Allie Barrish, Megan Brown, Jason Cook, Staton Whaley, Grace Tunis, Regan Shanahan and Victoria Barros; and, back, Kyle Zarif, Zach Oltman, Kyle Chandler, Wyatt Richins, Noah McVicker, Michael Brittingham, Charlie Trupo, Brian Trupo, Ryan Murphy and Jordan Kilgore. The advisor for the group is Spanish teacher Kira Eade.

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