The Resorter … Revisited

Resorter 9-13

Summer of 1978
Volume XXIV
Edition 8

Issue Highlights

• This issue’s “Resorter Girl” was April Dalrymple.

• Located in the 45th Street Village, Jill Higgings Tennis Unlimited was holding its 1st Annual End of Season Closing Sale this month.

• Sound Waves in the Gold Coast Mall was offering LP’s, 8-Tracks and cassettes.

• With locations in Ocean City on 15th and 137th streets and in Berlin, English’s Family Restaurants was offering for $3.29 per person, “All the Delmarvalous Fried Chicken You Can Eat.”

• The Fenwick Feed Bag was featuring country music and entertainment at its location in the Village of Fenwick.

• The Racquet Club inside the Carousel Hotel was offering two dance floors, a DJ, disco lighting, a live band nightly and nightly surprises.

Things I Like

The feeling after the sidewalk is shoveled   Polite teenagers   Movies and snacks on snow days   Olaf from ‘Frozen’   Steamed crabs for lunch   Surprises for my kids   Tiny, white shells   Knowing spring will soon be here   SNL’s 40th Anniversary show   When my kids learn from a mistake   Warm cookies on a … Continue reading

SD Senior Collects Over 700 Pairs Of Jeans For Aeropostale Teens For Jean Campaign

When Stephen Decatur High School senior Jennah Lupiwok chose the Aeropostale Teens for Jeans campaign as a Key Club service project, she had no idea that the school would respond so overwhelmingly. She collected over 700 pairs of jeans for the campaign, more than doubling her goal. The two-time service award recipient is no stranger to volunteerism as she participates … Continue reading

Bushnell, 1996 Graduated Of Worcester Prep, Featured Speaker At Class Of 2015 100-Day Brunch

Anna Dolle Bushnell, a 1996 graduate of Worcester Preparatory School, was the featured speaker at the Class of 2015 100-Day Brunch, hosted each year by the Worcester Preparatory School Alumni Association. Bushnell spoke to the students about her 13 years at Worcester followed by her studies at American University. Pictured, with Bushnell are from left, are Carolyn Dorey, Shea Dowling, … Continue reading

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

The Ocean City Beach Patrol posed at Caroline Street in 1947 with their new torpedo-style life buoys. The Beach Patrol had returned to full force in 1946 following World War II and Bob Craig, center front, was appointed captain. He would continue in that position until 1987, a record of service unlikely to ever be broken. The buildings in the … Continue reading

Department of Natural Resources Officer Talks To Showell Elementary Kindergarteners About Being A Community Helper

Department of Natural Resources Officer Vinny Artrip talked to Andrea Matrona’s kindergarten class at Showell Elementary about being a community helper. Students recently studied bears, hibernation and habitats. Pictured with Artrip and Matrona are students Grant Stephan, Dylan Martinenza, Julia Park and Ava Gunn.

The Resorter … Revisited

Summer of 1971 Volune XVII Edition 5 Issue Highlights This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Anita Smith. John, Tommy and Nicholas Arrington were inviting guests to their Ocean Park Motel. Tapped to perform at Ocean City Convention Hall for the remainder of 1971 and early 1972 were Woody Herman, Tex Beneke, Ray McKinley, Guy Lombardo, Les Elgart, Warren Covington, Sammy Kaye, … Continue reading