Awesome White Marlin Bite

By Scott Lenox There was a pretty awesome white marlin bite in the Lindenkohl Canyon yesterday and today.  Boats got word of the good fishing yesterday and headed to the Lindenkohl today.  It’s about 100 miles one-way, but it sounds like it was worth the trip.  Dave Messick headed over to Sunset Marina this evening… Read more »

Mahi Slayer

By Scott Lenox We’ve had some wicked thunderstorms rolling through the Ocean City area recently, but the one that rolled through the Ocean City inlet early this afternoon put all of them to shame.  I happened to be on the road and I can honestly say I’ve never driven in such hard rain.  I was… Read more »

Huk Big Fish Classic Results

By Scott Lenox The 3rd Annual Big Fish Classic is in the books and it was a terrific event.  Just as we expected, today was the busiest day of scales action as 61 boats fished the window from 7AM yesterday until 3PM today.  There were fish waiting at the dock when scales opened at 4PM… Read more »

Huk Big Fish Classic Day 2

By Scott Lenox Just as we figured, day 2 of the 3rd Annual Huk Big Fish Classic was a little busier than day 1.  Only 6 boats fished the first 32 hour window of the tournament which ended today at 3PM.  The other 61 boats are fishing window two from 7AM this morning until 3PM… Read more »

HUK Big Fish Classic

By Scott Lenox Day 1 of the Huk Big Fish Classic was a slow one today.  We only had one boat come to the scale today and that was Fish in OC charter Rhonda’s Osprey with Captain Joe Drosey and mate Sasha Lickle.  Rhonda’s Osprey pulled into the dock early this afternoon and weighed four… Read more »

So Many Flounder, So Little Time

By Scott Lenox There were some more thunderstorms rolling through Ocean City this afternoon that brought some very heavy rain to the area.  Parts of downtown Ocean City were flooded and word was some streets were closed at high tide this evening.  This weather is really putting a damper on my flounder fishing….literally.  Before the… Read more »

Tuna, Flounder and A Tornado Warning

By Scott Lenox This morning and evening were absolutely beautiful in Ocean City.  The wind was light, it wasn’t too terribly hot and it was bright and sunny.  However, the middle of the day was nasty.  We had one doozie of a thunderstorm roll through that had some pretty strong winds, some heavy rain and… Read more »

H. O. T.

By Scott Lenox Man was it hot today!!  At one point the weather app on my phone read “96 degrees, feels like 110”.  It was almost too hot to go fishing……NAH!  It was a great day to go fishing…and from the reports I received the tuna and flounder fishing were H. O. T. again. Mike… Read more »