Things I Like

Watching kite boarders on Assateague


Exercising first thing in the morning


When a small crab surprises with a lot of meat


That unique something about eating fried chicken on the beach


The pier Ferris wheel at night


Going through the Inlet on the way back from a fishing trip


My two exhausted kids after a beach day


An outdoor shower this time of year


Dinner on the Boardwalk


Heading the opposite direction than traffic


Chris Parypa’s aerial photos of the area

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

The Paddock was one of Ocean City’s most popular nightclubs for 60 years. Built by Gabby Mancini, Sr. on the corner of 18th Street and Philadelphia Avenue in 1953, it featured live entertainment. The Saturday afternoon jam sessions were legendary and drew crowds to what in that era was considered “way up the beach.” The original building was partially destroyed … Continue reading

Adventures Of Fatherhood

Interactions with children are always interesting and I’m thankful to have two sons who always keep life entertaining. Let the following serve as a recap of recent happenings of note. •Beckett buddies up every beach day with newfound friends, and some are more entertaining than others. Before Beckett even started a conversation with the boy — who I later learned … Continue reading