Things I Like

Christmas morning

Making bank deposits

Warm peanuts

Simple business cards

Room service breakfast

A little kid with freckles

Planting a tree seedling

Watching videos of my boys

A night fog

Church bells ringing in the distance

Christmas night

Things I Like

Long-time advertisers

Unique smells of a crab house

The look on my kids’ faces at Winterfest

An ambitious young person

Finding a quick spot in a crowded parking garage

Sitting under the OC pier

The all-you-can-eat breakfasts at the Berlin Fire Hall

Visiting big cities

Food cooked on a charcoal grill

Reading local history books

New advertisers


In the article “Three Local Families Growing Through Adoption” in the Dec. 4 issue, it was incorrectly implied that adopted children Jessie and Keri Tinker have no other family aside from their adoptive parents. The children are still in contact with their birth mother, Cristi Ann Shankland. The Dispatch regrets the error.