Holiday Weekend By The Numbers

Photo by Chris Parypa Photo by Chris Parypa

OCEAN CITY — The following is a look at a compilation of numbers accumulated by The Dispatch to recap last holiday weekend.



249,667: Demoflush crowd estimates for last Sunday


244,441: Average for three-day holiday weekend (249,851 for same weekend last year)


100,283: Municipal bus ridership from Thursday, July 3-Sunday, July 6


32,730: Bus ridership last Saturday alone


20,000: Wings sold at Smitty McGee’s over the weekend


10,000: Oysters sold at the Crab Bag


9,000: Hotel and motel rooms booked


5,000: Bottles of alcohol sold at West-O Bottle Shop


5,000: Rounds of golf reportedly played at OC area golf courses on Saturday and Sunday


4,500: Pounds of brown sugar used at Fisher’s Popcorn in Fenwick


4,000: Tacos sold at Grab and Go Tacos


3,120: Eggs sold at Jimmy’s Kitchen over the weekend


2,500: Pounds of raw popcorn kernels used at Fisher’s Popcorn in Fenwick


1,900: Crab cakes sold at Dead Freddies


1,792: Preventative Actions by Ocean City Beach Patrol from July 4-6


900: Caramel apples made and sold at Dolle’s on the Boardwalk


756: Tons of solid waste collected in Ocean City from July 4-6


561: Emergency Room visits at AGH over the weekend


400: Pounds per day of fried chicken sold at the Crab Bag


398: Photos in The Dispatch’s July 4  issue


100: Dollars charged for a private parking spot at a downtown lot


92: Total arrests by the OCPD over the weekend


76: Rescues by Ocean City Beach Patrol from July 4-6


52: Lost and Found kids reported by Beach Patrol from July 4-6


32: Gallons of chipped beef sold at Jimmy’s Kitchen


32: Ladies observed waiting at the Caroline Street Comfort Station at 2 p.m. on July 5


13: DUI Arrests by the OCPD


10: Miles of back-up on Route 50 on Saturday


.54: Inches of rain measured at the OC Municipal Airport in West Ocean City on July 4 from Hurricane Arthur


One thought on “Holiday Weekend By The Numbers

  1. Darn it, I didn’t flush enough to get us over the 250K mark. Must try harder labor day! ~snicker~. Did think the fireworks were a bit off, but it was one of the better 4ths we’ve had in a while!


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