Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

vanishing 6-20

In April 2013, the Mayor and City Council, acting on a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Committee, decided to get rid of the five wooden beach toys that had delighted kids for nearly 20 years. The playground-style toys had been donated by local business owners and placed on the beach each summer. They consisted of a pirate ship, a plane, a castle, a train and a big wheel truck.

The kids loved them but the beach toys had become safety hazards, due to splinters and unsupervised play. Several injuries had occurred while children were playing on them. In addition, late-night activities, such as underage drinking and the use of the beach toys for public restrooms, confirmed the council’s decision to make them part of Ocean City’s history.

The city is currently researching other options, but no decision is imminent.

Photo by Bunk Mann

One thought on “Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

  1. I hate to hear this, I have been coming to Ocean City for over 55 years now since I was a child, I was then a resident of Baltimore, but since move to West Virginia my family and I take our two week vacation to Ocean City every year, when shopping along the boardwalk the men usually sit on the benches and watch the children play, we have had two generation of children playing on those toys, now this year when we ladies do our shopping our grand children will not have anything to play with and the men will go crazy trying to watch them, this will not allow us to shop in comfort as we have in the past. You cannot take kids in the store when shopping on the boardwalk there are not carts to sit them in. Well one thing is you have the wal-mart.

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