Most Bless Sacrament Students Participate In Math Olympiad Contest

Students B

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School students from the 5th through 8th grades participated in the Math Olympiad contest. Math Olympiad Patches were awarded to Ariana Holland-Seda, Morgan Carlson, Tommy Kangas, Marissa Alvarez, Caela Berrie, Morgan Cullen, Mikayla Denault, Sarah Engle, Caroline Gardner, Kiley Hamby, Natalie Holland-Seda, Cooper Houck, Kevin Ilardi, Gavin McVicker, Abigail Neely, Gabriella Pardo, Angeliki Rigakos, Karsten St. Amant, Summer Vorsteg, Michael Curtis, Lockelan Crowe, Brock Diaz, Maggie Kemp, Hayden Snelsire, Ally March, Caroline Pasquariello and Chloe Sass. Math Olympiad Top in Class Trophies were awarded to Ariana Holland-Seda, Abigail Neely, Hayden Snelsire and Chloe Sass. The Math Olympiad Silver Pin was awarded to Abigail Neely.

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