OC Police Investigating Weekend Attack On Municipal Bus Driver

OCEAN CITY — Resort detectives are currently investigating an attack by multiple individuals on an Ocean City bus driver early Saturday morning.

Although the probe is ongoing, Lindsay O’Neal of the Ocean City Police Department’s Public Affairs Office confirmed Monday that on Saturday, June 14 at about 1 a.m. multiple suspects got into a verbal altercation of some sort with a municipal bus driver after passengers were picked up along Baltimore Avenue near Dorchester Street.

“The verbal argument escalated at which the time the suspects assaulted the victim. After the assault, the suspects reportedly stole bus tickets and fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing and has been assigned to a Major Crimes detective in the Criminal Investigation Division,” O’Neal said.

It was initially reported that one of the suspects was apprehended, but O’Neal could not confirm that at this time. She said releasing specific information at this time “could compromise the case.”

The bus driver was reportedly transported to Atlantic General Hospital with injuries categorized by sources as severe.

5 thoughts on “OC Police Investigating Weekend Attack On Municipal Bus Driver

  1. Well I have to say this does not surprise me at all. We were there over the weekend and some of the thug gangs I saw walking the boardwalk Friday night and Saturday night made me sick. Yelling and swearing as they walked/ran down the boardwalk, no wonder I didn’t see a lot of families walking around close to 15th street. This is NOT the OCean City I used to live in nor is it the one I come to every year. What is the heck is going on this summer, Get these punks out of the beach, it’s time to take our beach back!

  2. No can do. They are protected. Civil people have to suffer. This will be the demise of the beach. Run with the smoking ban, and ignore the obvious. Blah, blah family resort. Not anymore.

  3. Maybe instill a curfew for those under a certain age…. i know it is a resort…but by instilling a curfew…may keep some of this from happening…We were down for Air Show… but NOT on the boardwalk at night…Lots of “seniors” still there…

  4. The driver was a 70+ year old man strapped into a seat belt. Don’t think there was much of a confrontation. It was an ass whipping by a couple of punks that saw no resistance. The drivers need a cop, bouncer, or guard on these bus’ every night between 9 PM and 4 AM.

  5. And what is more incredible is that given this tragic incident OC Transportation and the Town of OC are not doing anything to protect the bus drivers – their employees – from being injured on the job. I hope the bus driver decides to sue the city so they will see some incentive to provide a safe working environment for their employees. They obviously don’t care on a strictly human level.

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