City Golf Course Eyes Fee Jump

OCEAN CITY – The municipal-owned Eagle’s Landing is looking to slightly increase weekend rates to generate revenue while remaining one of the more affordable courses in the region.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bob Croll of Eagle’s Landing Golf Course, which is an owned and operated by the Town of Ocean City, proposed an increase of certain rates to the Recreation and Parks Commission.

Croll suggested the town increase Eagle’s Landing weekend golf rates in 2015. Weekend rates are in effect spring and fall during the peak golf package seasons.

Croll proposed to increase the weekend rack rate by $4 as well as adjust the participating hotel and twilight rates by $4 for weekends.

The current weekend rack rate is $95. It has not changed for the past six years. In 2009, the weekend rate increased by $3 from $92 to $95.

An additional $13,800 in greens fee revenue would be expected in 2015, due to the proposed increase, and $8,000 of the revenue will be shown in the next fiscal year, or FY 2015.

“This should not change our customers perception that Eagle’s Landing is a great value. Eagle’s Landing will maintain its position as one of the more affordable golf courses in the Ocean City area,” Croll submitted.

With an increase of $4, the proposed weekend rates would be $99 for Green Fee with cart; $79 for Green Fee walking; $94 for participating hotels; $74 for Twilight with cart; and $54 for Twilight walking.

The increase would keep Eagle’s Landing as one of the least expensive golf courses in the area, with one course topping out at $179 and the least expensive priced at $85 on the weekends.

“It is a way for us to generate additional revenue while keeping it under $100, which is important in keeping a valued price,” Croll said. ‘I don’t think it will make a difference to our customers.”

The commission voted unanimously to forward the request to the full Mayor and City Council for approval.







One thought on “City Golf Course Eyes Fee Jump

  1. Okay, I can understand a “potential” need to increase on traditional non-working days like F/S/S for a modest +$14K. However, non weekend (M-Thur) after 12pm, its only $55-$59 Apr-Oct and with a cart! Sometimes if you mention/or include a lower advertised price – maybe just maybe, folks will think its a deal and show up? Plus nothing is wrong with Golfing after 12pm either. Stays light in the Summer till 8-9pm. Same applies with many other courses too ~ hmmm that course which rhymes with “Mighthouse Bound” is $69 after 3pm everyday Mid June until Mid Sept. Not an advertisement, just saying better marketing (like specific times during the week) may find you that additional revenue everyone seems to be searching. If the old way isn’t generating $$$$, outside the box thinking may???


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