Decatur Swimmers Make Splash in States

BERLIN- Stephen Decatur’s varsity swim teams were solid in the state championships last weekend, finishing near the top or in the middle of the pack in the team competition, while placing highly in several individual events.

The Decatur girls finished eighth overall among the 28 teams competing in the Class 3A-2A-1A state championships. The Decatur boys were equally impressive, coming in 11th out of the 32 schools competing in the state meet.

On the girls’ side, in the 200 medley relay, the Decatur team of Hailey Williams, Carly Deickman, Madison Tinus and Kailey Mihavetz finished 10th overall. Williams was 13th in the 200 freestyle, Deickman was 16th in the 200 individual medley and Tinus was 10th in the 50-meter freestyle. In the 100-meter freestyle, Tinus was 10th, Marley Rakow was 12th and Williams was 13th. In the 200-meter freestyle relay, the team of Rakow, Maria Zweifel, Molly Wooten and Rachel Bourne finished 10th. Deickman was fifth in the 100-meter breaststroke. The team of Rakow, Williams, Deickman and Tinus finished eighth in the 400-meter freestyle relay.

On the boys’ side, Decatur’s relay team of Dalton Warren, Jake Lathroum, Tate Joseph and Michael Lott finished 20th in the 200 medley relay. Corey Campbell finished 21st in the 200-meter freestyle. In the 50-free, James Hillyer was seventh and Chris Poole was 19th. Joseph was 21st in the 100-meter butterfly, while Collin Bankert finished eighth and Hillyer was 13th in the 100-free. Warren was 18th in the 100-meter backstroke, while Bankert was 18th in the 100-meter breaststroke. In the 200-meter freestyle relay, the Decatur team of Poole, Bankert, Campbell and Hillyer finished fifth. The same group finished eighth in the 400-meter freestyle relay.

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