The Resorter … Revisited

resorter 1-3

Summer of 1968
Volume XIV
Edition 3

Issue Highlights

This week’s Resorter Girl was Chris Corddry, who was also featured in this issue’s full-page Hess Apparel advertisement.

Among the amenities at the Surf and Sands Motel were “free all channel television,” “golf privileges” and “background music in all rooms.”

The live racing season at Ocean Downs Raceway was from July 3-Aug. 31.

Greg Noll surfboard rentals for $5 a day were being offered at Paul’s Aqua Shop on St. Louis Ave.

The Pirate’s Den inside the Yankee Clipper on 33rd Street was offering “Man-O-War” size drinks and “bawdy entertainment”. Also, “Wenches Welcome” was included in the ad.

Top Of The Beach was Ocean City’s new “high in the sky club lounge” in the George Washington Hotel on 10th Street.

2 thoughts on “The Resorter … Revisited

  1. Gretchen sent me the post: Resorter…. Revisited… What a surprise…. Seems like a few years ago; but certainly not 45yrs!! I always love reading them in the Dispatch but had not gotten the paper yet!! Dick would be proud of you , you’ve done an awesome job with the paper… Keep it up .. In no time your boys will be working with you and Pam!! Thanks for the memories!!!

    • Hi Chris — Thanks so much for the comment. I was excited to come across you standing by the pier. I literally just pick a few volumes off my book shelf at the beginning of the month and then flip through them for our Revisited each week. I recognized you immediately. So glad you got to see it. Take care!

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