Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

vanishing 12-27

The Hastings Hotel was built in 1916 on the Boardwalk between 2nd and 3rd streets by its namesake Josephine Hastings. It was purchased by Willye Conner Ludlam in the mid-1920s who built the Miramar next door and connected it to the Hastings.
The Hastings-Miramar was later managed by Mrs. Ludlam’s daughter-in-law Thelma Conner, who became the first woman to serve on the City Council. She built the Dunes Manor Hotel in 1987.
The Hastings-Miramar was torn down in 1975 and the site became a parking lot for several years. In 2000, the Park Place Hotel was built at that location.
Postcard courtesy of Bill and Kitt Matthews

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