State Police: Local Teen Fatality An ‘Unfortunate Accident’

A wreath is pictured at the intersection of Route 113 and Bay Street where Friday's fatality took place. Photo by Shawn Soper A wreath is pictured at the intersection of Route 113 and Bay Street where Friday's fatality took place. Photo by Shawn Soper

BERLIN — One local teen has died, another remains in the hospital and a third young man has likely had his life changed forever after Friday evening accident on Route 113 involving a Maryland State Police trooper striking two teenagers attempting to cross the highway.

Around 8 p.m. on Friday, a Maryland State Police trooper on routine patrol in an unmarked patrol car was headed north on Route 113 approaching Bay Street when he collided with two local teenage brothers. According to MSP reports, for reasons unknown at this time, the two brothers crossed Route 113 from east to west in the area of Bay Street and ran directly into the path of the approaching MSP patrol car.

The trooper attempted to take evasive action, but was unable to avoid striking both teens. The trooper, identified as Nicholas Hager, 21, a one-year veteran assigned to the MSP Berlin barrack, immediately called for emergency medical services and began to provide emergency care to both teens.

One of the teens, identified as Tymeir D. Dennis, 16, of Maple Court in Berlin, was transported by ambulance to Atlantic General Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Dennis’ teenage brother, identified as Tyheym D. Bowen, no age given, was transported first to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury before being transferred by air to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment. The trooper, Hager, was transported by Maryland State Police personnel to AGH due to injuries sustained during the crash.

According to MSP Public Information Officer Sgt. Marc Black this morning, Hager was treated and released. Black said there was no new information available on the condition of Bowen. Command staff from the MSP Berlin barrack responded to the scene to oversee the ongoing investigation. There has been no determination of the speed of the trooper’s vehicle at this stage in the investigation. The investigation is being conducted by the Maryland State Police Crash Team and is ongoing. Black said a detailed crash reconstruction will take place.

“This is an unfortunate accident,” he said. “A very detailed investigation will take place and the findings will be turned over to the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office for a thorough review, as per Maryland State Police protocol.”

Little is known Saturday morning about the victims other than names and ages. However, it appears Tymeir Dennis was an eleventh grader at Stephen Decatur High School and was named to the honor roll last year as a sophomore. Black said the Worcester County public school system has been advised of the incident so preparations can be made to provide guidance and counseling to students and faculty.

More details will be provided by The Dispatch as they become available.

7 thoughts on “State Police: Local Teen Fatality An ‘Unfortunate Accident’

  1. After hearing about this accident on Friday from my son, whom was a good freind of both children, was very devastating to me and really bothered me. This has really got to stop. You hear about all the different Laws of cell phones and speeding but the main ones who are enforcing the Laws are the ones who are breaking them. A young childs life has been taken, a mother grieving, and n eedless to say she had to leave one deceased son and attend to another and be there to hear that his leg has to be amputated. This has got to stop. This police officers are getting away with MURDER and I am very upset and I hope and pray that Legal actions will take place once greiving is over. There is no way that the trooper could not have stopped in time without leaving marks if he was going 50mph. He was not going the speed limit! The MSP is going to try and find everything they can to try and cover this up. Well, here is a story for you. On October 18, 2013 at around 8:30pm me and my fiance was coming from Berlin to drop off my twins for a birthday party, when a unmarked State Police car (Brown in color) passed us riding on the left hand side of the highway. He passed us so fast our car rocked. When we made our turn on the ramp of 50 South New York and PA turn off we broke the corner and noticed the same police car on the side where he had hit the Light pole. There was another lady who was at the seen also and I dialed 911. The dispatch answered and we described the accident. When I mentioned a State Police vehicle the operator automatically cut my conversation off and transfered me to the MSP barrack. I spoke with a lady and I explained the situation again. She asked me had a I or the other young lady witnessed anything. When we told her no ,she told us to leave the seen. They were sending another officer to the seen. Now, that was kind of fishy to me.

    • Maybe when you are less emotional you will stop throwing around the word murder so lightly. Why did you bring up a completely unrelated event about a cop speeding? Yes cops speed when there is reason to, I’m sorry but I haven’t heard once that the officer in this incident was speeding.

      • Well said, Nate. People who hate cops are very easy to point the finger when something goes wrong. They often forget that cops are people too. These boys ran out in front of traffic. It’s a very tragic accident for everyone involved.

    • Maybe Jonnita Pierce hates the police because she possibly is a criminal herself. Perhaps she has been defrauding people for years. If that’s the case, I’m sure that her “fiance” may be a part of her alleged crimes as well.

  2. So very tragic. A twenty-one year old trooper driving that fast – how irresponsible. When will the MSP step up to the plate and acknowledge that they were wrong? This 21 year old trooper was speeding and did not take the necessary precautions (lights, horn, siren) to prevent this tragedy. Was he even trained properly – with respect to high speed driving? Were there tread marks on the road to indicate that he tried to stop? Was the officer paying attention to the “lighted” intersection he was approaching? Are MSP trained or even care enough to know that just because you are a trooper, doesn’t give you the RIGHT to speed.

  3. I attended a town meeting tonight where this was of course a large topic- the community that was there, as well as the police an council memebers are all moving forward and fast to get the proper accommodations at this specific intersection. For example a fast and inexpensive way is to lower the speed limit to 30,cross walks, etc. There will be a luminary project once approved by md state highway admin. A local, is asking everyone and anyone to meet tomorrow at 4 pm at the bus stop, located at that intersection of the accident (bay and 113) to conduct a continuous crossing at this intersection for 15 mins…. Not only can the community draw data from this, we are also making a statement to provide a safe place for our community to cross…

  4. Let me just say that my heart goes out for the family and their loss. In regards to the officer, as noted above they are currently investigating what exactly happened and since no one else was present in the car with the officer to know exactly how fast he was going no one can say for sure what his speed was until the state police have completed their investigation. How about everyone stop pointing fingers until the facts can be presented.

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