Shelter Director Stepping Down Amid Controversy; New Director Being Sought


WEST OCEAN CITY — Amid hints of coercion, long-time Worcester County Humane Society Director Kenille Davies last weekend announced she was stepping down after 37 years on the job at the West Ocean City facility during an impassioned speech at an annual fundraising dinner.
Davies announced last Friday at the dinner at Adolfo’s she was stepping down as director of the Worcester County Humane Society but made it clear it was a not a voluntary decision. According to Davies, two Board of Directors members and their attorney are forcing her out and replacing her with an unnamed individual at a salary of $50,000.
Several sources close to the situation maintained this week an internal investigation into the shelter’s finances revealed numerous concerns and serious questions, and, as a result, Davies has reportedly been offered a two-year severance package to retire at the end of the month. No specific allegations of any wrongdoing by the long-time director have been made public. The humane society’s Board of Directors declined to comment on the situation this week, and attorneys have reportedly been hired by Davies as well as board members.
Davies told those assembled for the annual fundraising dinner that she is essentially being forced to step down by the board.
“This is what happens when you have a bunch of a certain kind of people who want you out and they can afford to pay you to get out,” Davies told those assembled for the fundraising dinner. “I have been forced to leave as of Nov. 30 because I don’t have the money to get a lawyer involved.”
During the dinner, Davies did not go into the circumstances surrounding her decision, but hinted it was not of her own volition.
“When you get a seven-page letter of slander from two people and a lawyer from the other side of the bridge and the last line of the paragraph reads ‘when you leave the shelter, please don’t harm the animals,’ that hurts me more than anything because I can’t imagine myself ever harming an animal,” she said. “That’s the kind of commotion I’ve gotten from these people and I hope the public here can help in some way, because I feel sorry if that shelter is going to be run like that. It’s just awful. I can’t describe it in any other way than that because I did it for the love of the animals. I didn’t do it for money or prestige.”
Before Davies spoke at the dinner, Hal Adkins, her son-in-law and public works director for Ocean City, described her abrupt decision to resign as coming under duress.
“Unfortunately, Kenille has been put in a position where she has to legally defend herself with her own money and she’s not in a position to do that, so she is choosing to resign on Nov. 30,” he said. “They may have won the battle, but I assure you with the friendship that is here this evening and the support for Kenille, they may well lose the war.”
While the board declined to comment on the situation this week, two long-time Humane Society members shed light on some of the issues surrounding Davies’ resignation. Silvia and Bob Winegard have been active supporters of the local shelter as well as other no-kill shelters and are privy to the board’s position on the issue. The Winegards released their own statement late Thursday and referenced remarks made by Adkins during last Friday’s fundraising dinner.
“It is unfortunate that the business of the humane society has been characterized by Hal Adkins, Ms. Davies son-in-law and the director of Public Works for Ocean City, in the manner that it was in last week’s article,” the statement reads, referring to an article released online earlier this week by The Dispatch.
The Winegards’ statement outlines the process by which Davies’ resignation was broached and ultimately agreed upon.
“In October, Ms. Davies, represented by her counsel, William Scott, Esq., an attorney from Fenwick Island, Del., submitted her resignation to the Board of Directors of the society after several weeks of negotiation,” the statement reads. “Her resignation was voted upon and accepted by the board of directors, to be effective Nov. 30, 2013. The Board of directors was represented by its then-Attorney, Ocean City lawyer Joseph Moore during the negotiations regarding Ms. Davies resignation. Ms. Davies submitted her resignation amid concerns about the financial stability and lack of managerial control of the society.”
While the statement does not include any allegations of malfeasance, it suggests a long pattern of mismanagement and lack of accountability.
“The well-being of the animals at the Worcester County Humane Society should be and is the paramount concern of the WCHS,” the statement reads. “Several board members tried for months to exercise their fiduciary right within the organization. They viewed the financial and managerial questioning not only their right but also their fiduciary responsibility. The total years these Ocean City board members have voluntarily serviced the board and cared for the animals total 50 years combined. They were not going to stand by and watch the financial collapse of the shelter that provides such a valuable service to the community and cares for the animals that are dear to their hearts. They looked forward to the difficult work ahead of getting their financial house in order as well as other necessary management improvements including the hiring of a new director.”
The Winegards statement characterizes the decision to accept Davies’ resignation as a move in a new direction. Davies, reached this week, said she preferred to withhold future comments until after Nov. 30.
“The continuing effort cannot succeed at a no-kill shelter without proper management and appropriate institutional controls,” the Winegards’ statement reads “It is our hope that the mission of the WCHS, to continue to operate the WCHS shelter as a no-kill shelter, is not derailed by the inaccurate and imprudent comments of the uninformed who appear to be placing themselves before the mission of the society. Our primary interest has always been that the shelter operate for many years to come, and we hope that the community lends its support to do what is right for animals.
For his part, attorney Joe Moore said he represented the Humane Society during deliberations over Davies’ resignation and exit plan. Moore said he has represented the Humane Society since its founding in 1977 and represented the board during the process of resolving all issues related to Davies’ resignation. He said that was his last official duty before he resigned as the board’s attorney.
“When I believed the matter had been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved on Oct. 14, I sent a letter tendering my own resignation as the board’s attorney,” he said. “My decision to resign as the board’s attorney at that point after all these years was based on what I thought was an agreed-upon resolution to the satisfaction of all parties involved.”
Meanwhile, news of Davies’ pending resignation amid allegations she is being forced out after 37 years has resulted in an outpouring of public support for the humane society’s director throughout the community, including a Friends for Kenille Davies group with a Facebook page that included over 500 supporters by mid-week.
In a letter to the editor this week, the Friends of Kenille Davies group wrote, “We are fortunate enough to have one of the few real George Baileys right here in Ocean City,” the letter reads. “As you may have heard, after 37 years of running the local no-kill animal shelter, Kenille Davies will no longer be a part of the storied history she created and nurtured- the Worcester County Humane Society. Like George, Kenille has dedicated her life to helping others, never pausing to reflect on how many lives she has touched. What a caring, giving and selfless person. What a wonderful life.”

82 thoughts on “Shelter Director Stepping Down Amid Controversy; New Director Being Sought

  1. I read this article and I am in disbelief that this paper would print such a “glowing” endorsemnet on someone they obviouslt no nothing about. I have adopted 3 animals from the Humane Society and know the “real” story….and trust me if the people of Ocean City actually knew the real story they would wonder why this woman wasnt asked to resign YEARS ago!

    • OK, tell us the real story and provide some evidence of it’s veracity. People have a right to know.

      Otherwise, it appears you must be lumped in with Volunteer as a provocateur without substance.

  2. Can I ask a question? It says she has to resign, if she cares about the animals why wouldn’t she just volunteer because she loves them? Why not get rid of the boss duties to just spend time with them? I think it may because she likes control. The animals are always going to be fed their kennels will be cleaned. So why doesn’t she let some one else make the money decisions and organize the people and give orders. I think she needs the money And she likes the power.

    • Needs the Money ??? Likes the power ??? CLEARLY you have NOT been to the same Shelter. These Board members treat her terribly as do they most people that come through unless they seem to have $$$ IF she got rid of the boss duties with the staff there now WHO would pick up the slack ? Would they stay till 7 or 8 or 9:00 at night making sure everything was done ? Let me help, the answer is NO………..If they are there at night it is because THEY don’t want to face Kenille. Which is good because they should all be ashamed at how they treat people. And how about their homes ? How do they treat their animals ? do they have more than they should ?Is their house clean ? Are their animals left outside ? Who ARE these people that are above everyone else? Sounds like maybe you don’t know as much as you think you do about the situation. Again…………who are you ? You as well didn’t sign your work.

      • I remember you leaving and just not coming back without caring how that affected the animals. And then you show up again during all this?? Oh an I have been. I don’t remember you going above and beyond to make sure the animals got amazing treatment. So what ever your looking for by supporting Her why don’t you just move along. There are a lot of things that need to be corrected and it should start with her. Let me tell you something letting animals go with out flea and tick medicine not okay. Letting animals go without getting bathed or their nails clipped not okay. Animals not going to the vet unless absoultuy necessary is not okay. If you think those things did not happen then ur so hung up on ur own personal gains you obviously don’t care or didn’t. Treating volunteers like crap is also not okay it’s an animal shelter not a center for gossip or mistreatment. Also animals not being adopted out because they way someone looks without check an application is not okay. Be it if a person has tattoos or their race. That is not acceptable. So do me a favor and stop worrying about my name and reflect about the things that were wrong and hold that person to accountability.

  3. You people are wearing out your welcome. Enough of the innuendos. Start telling the “real” story. As it stands now, what this appears to be amounts to nothing more than essentially blackmail-threatening lawsuit if demands not met-demand being resignation as Director. The irresponsible way in which the Board members are acting reeks of a takeover. They have a duty to let the general membership in on the details at the very least, if not the public at large since the tax payers of Ocean City do have a vested interest in the shelter.

    • I don’t think strangers who are reading this story and liking a Facebook page should have any say. People who know her from the shelter and sees what she does should have a say. People who got their beloved pet from her have no idea who she is. Knowing her from outside of the shelter and hearing how she started this place makes her sound like a saint. So while you might think its a hostile take over, it’s more of a the animals need to be saved from this woman’s behavior and how she thinks that standard of care is still the same as it was 37 years ago. She is past her time and she did a wonderful thing but she is holding on for all the wrong reasons. Again if she wants to demonstrate how much she loves these animals she should step aside and volunteer and then if things are going worst things should be reconsidered. My bet she will barley show her face around there or if she does it won’t last long. Another unfortunate affect is she will take her family and friends who volunteer and due to this very public fight and the animals will be the ones to lose.

      • It is always so interesting to me that when things happen a small group makes a lot of comments but never has the guts to write sign their names to it. @ Volunteer , It sounds like you had a bad experience and perhaps you don’t take care of animals……that in my 30 year experience with Kenille Davies is one of the main reasons people get upset with her. Do YOU have any idea how many times a day people drop unwanted animals with her ? or say they will help and NOT show up ? Until you sign your don’t exist. Oh and btw, ANY animal that was luckey enough to land on her doorstep got completely cared for and fed and housed………how about you ? Can you say the same ?

        • Not signing one’s name to a comment regarding this highly emotional topic is a wise choice if the writer disagrees with “Friends of Kenille.” There appears to be a line drawn in the sand. That line has more to do with friendships and less to do with facts and evidence. Time will tell and Truth will out. Until then, it is the wise man who remains anonymous. That has nothing to do with courage and everything to do with common sense.

          • It’s more likely the other way around Cat Lover. Kenille has no money. The folks with lawyers and that would file claims don’t live here.

      • People who live in this community and are friends of the Humane Society have a right to know the truth. Those who define who has a right to voice their opinion but do so anonymously obviously have no standing to comment one way or the other. If there is proof, then let it be heard.

  4. As bits and pieces of this story become public it’s coming together. Winegards and several Board members accused Kenille of not following stipulations set forth in a will, though audit does show money was used for shelter expenditures.
    Here’s where I see the problem arising-the Winegards and the Board members threatened her with a lawsuit if she didn’t fall to their demands-resign as director. Now would that make the Winegards and Board members guilty of a cover up? They covered up what they perceived to be wrongdoing in exchange for getting what they wanted it seems.
    How can anyone now expect those of us who side with Kenille, see them as anything other than dishonest? Add to that the inflammatory “warning” made in the letter about Kenille not hurting any animals and the fear mongering embellishment about the shelters finances and it’s going to be hard to believe anything these people say.

  5. Got to feed and care for the animals. That takes money.

    Some folks have their own agenda. Like retiring, Hon.

  6. Read between the lines. Joe Moore, the longtime Board Attorney, is obviously disgusted with Ms Davies now crying to the public. She is supported by unknowing public who do not have to work with her or put up with her discriminatory and questionable animal adoption and care policies.

    • I’m sure Joe Moore is quite capable of speaking for himself Animal caregiver so don’t be so presumptions to assume that you can guess as to his actions. Could be just as well he departed due to her leaving as director and he being put in the position of having to represent a faction that is willing to cover up what they perceive to be malfeasance in order to gain?
      All I can say is it’s apparent now why some are so mortified that Kenille Davies, her family and their supporters aired the fact that she was forced out under duress. They wanted the details secret, not her because what they did was even a bigger problem than what she is alleged to have done.

    • Joe Moore worked Pro-Bono for the Humane Society. It would appear from the article that he put in a lot of hours at no cost. One might reach a point where there is a need to get paid to continue and realize there is no money to be found.
      With a people of means, such as the Bob and Silvia Winegard on the opposition end of this, one might imagine that the folks with money will defeat the volunteers with no money every time. I don’t think it would take a rocket scientist to see that.
      What would it cost, you might ask. Someone at the WCHS might need something like $10,000 to $20,000 to defend themselves in court against claims made someone that quite probably has no legal basis to make a claim. But, if, say, someone that doesn’t think $10,000 or $20,000 is much money, doesn’t care if they loose and know the opposition doesn’t have $10-20k …. it’s probably done with.
      What the Humane Society needs is a local Angel to come to their aid. Who could imagine that feeding and cleaning up after other folks discarded pets would be such a competitive business that outsiders feel compelled to push out the founder and take over the place.
      Just an extrapolation of what I read.

      • “It’s got to be hard for the board members that confronted the shelter problems, but thats their job! Period! They need to make sure the shelter can make it. Wow, Kenille and others are ruthlessly going after these people! I’m not an accountant, but they seem to have some major issues. Looks like shelter is losing a lot of money. In the RED -176,433 and in the RED -101,515 I posted this information on Friends for Kenille facebook site, but they don’t seem to want facts because they deleted it! They should be trying to get new Members and management to raise funds for the sweet homeless animals. The shelter is about the animals right?” You can go to National Center for Charitable to see IRS 990 forms Statistics.…/521122738_201207_990.pdf

        • At last, a voice of reason. Perhaps the Board Members are taking the high road and trying not to tear Kenille down. Maybe she and her Family and Friends should take a lesson from them. It would be refreshing if they would occasionally mention the poor animals and not dwell on “poor Kenille”

          • “high road”~That’s laughable. Try the Hiding road.
            Seems to be they were hoping Kenielle would go quietly so such things as personal electric bill being paid wouldn’t be made public and maybe so they wouldn’t have to pay back the endowment if no one knew.
            No reason why they themselves didn’t issue a press release immediately following the signing of the resignation letter.
            How long do they plan on hiding. That’s cowardly. The longer they hide the worse it gets from a public relations standpoint. As it stands now they have no credibility nor public trust and they brought it on entirely themselves.

          • FreeTalker – Ever heard the expressions “Silence is golden” and “Timing is everything”

            Ms. Davies and her “troops” have made it quite clear that they are waging a war against the “opposing” side. From where I sit, at this moment in time they are furiously fighting silence with bravura packed emotion. The Winegards, The Boards and the Attorney remain silent. That begs the question “Why?”
            Which brings me to “Timing is everything.” Ms. Davies made it quite clear that she would be making a major public statement after November 30. Therefore, is it possible even probable that the “opposing” side is waiting for the appropriate and timely moment to make a public statement in response to all allegations?

  7. Maybe Kenille was trying to run the shelter as it was run years ago. The county built the new shelter with a lot of money from O.C., fund raisers, many volunteers and the money needs to be managed!!! We have donated money, beds, bowls etc. to the shelter and the community has always supported the shelter. So why are we here, obviously the shelter needs new management!

  8. Cat Lover, feeding and cleaning up after cats and dogs isn’t a very profitable business model. It does seem to be a cost center and not a profit center. That is, it’s a loss. And always. Folks donate to care for the pets. They’re not expecting a return on their investment as others in this matter would expect.

    • Not for profit does not mean at a loss. How do you expect this organization to continue to function when operating at a deficit? The answer is – it won’t. Taxes will not be paid, nor will basic utilities. A 501 c 3 is a business. It requires a business plan, a budget, strategic planning, grant writing, and more. Love will not satisfy those owed money by the WCHS. They deserve to be paid. Folks often get confused by the words non profit or not for profit. They think that means you don’t need to concern yourself with making money. That is not how the not for profit world works. You still have to make money and do your very best to stays the black. The “return” you get on your investment, Ponderer, is the opportunity to place your end of the year total donation amount on your tax return under the charitable deduction column. That, and the great feeling that you have saved the lives of wonderful animals.

      • At last, the voice of reason, someone who really cares about the animals and saving the shelter .Kenille was told many times from day one not to spend that money, by the lawyers, accountants and board members. But typical, if she did not like what people told her, she chastised them, tore them apart to her cronies and ignored the advice. Her long range plan for the Shelter was to spend the money until gone and then LOCK THE DOORS. It was always about Kenille only.

          • Carolyn Miller is a female human being. Last year she worked at the Worcester County Humane Society as a volunteer. She assisted me in the adoption of an animal from the shelter.
            From my interaction with her, she seemed to me to be very business-like in her manner, very compassionate with the animals, and I thought she was a perfect person to take on the shelter after Kenille retired sometime later on.
            Yet, it seems, others at the animal shelter had seen her as a threat to their own plans for the same position. And even though Carolyn had to leave for a family emergency, it looks from afar that this caused tension and this tension lead to adversarial actions. The adversaries formed an alliance with wealthy people.
            In my opinion, this is what this whole deal is about. Whom gets to be the next president and director. There are nice ways to do this such as being patient and being the most qualified. And there are other ways such as being mean and threatening to sue everyone.

          • That doesn’t answer my question. Is Carolyn Miller also known as Carolyn H. Miller? Is she aprox. 52/53 years of age?

  9. This sounds like a real witch hunt by a pair of zealots! Before we moved out of state we were familiar with the Shelter in Dorchester. They were saints, they worked 10 ways to Sunday to stretch a dollar and they did an outstanding job! We donated what we could in money and goods. All and any of these shelters need volunteers and need pet food (ask them what kind they want) IF they are like the Dorchester group, we donated old towels, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, and LOTS of other things. PLEASE help your local Humane Shelter. AND PLEASE RUN THESE ZEALOTS OUT, OUT, OUT!!!! Anyone that has given her life (37 years) to caring for these sweet animals does NOT deserve this kind of treatment! – WHERE ARE YOUR HEARTS???? These 2 nuts are like the GRINCH – drum THEM out of town!!!!

    • If they are Zealots to use your term, then, yes, by all means, have the hounds chase give chase. My questions lie with the organizational structure or the lack thereof. Where is the necessary paperwork required of a 501 c 3? Has anyone reviewed the Articles of Incorporation, the ByLaws, the Letter of Acceptance from the IRS, reviewed the 37 year history of 990 forms filed with the IRS, where are these documents? Loving, Caring ,Kind, Wonderful People such as yourself, Mary Ann Peddicord, donate In-Kind gifts as well as Cash Gifts. Wouldn’t it be prudent to be absolutely positive that your gifts were be using properly, and recorded as such, and not for paying the electric bill of a Board Member?

  10. Cat lover, Enough of the pontificating and excuse making. There is absolutely no good reason why these board members aren’t introducing themselves. None and all your empty words aren’t going to change that fact. You got it. Are you understanding. Now go and think over my words and when you have a legitimate reason instead of hiding behind the “timing” excuse then come back and answer. Until then you are dismissed.

      • Have you ever worked in the Legal System? There is much which happens before the press/public is allowed access to information. On the other hand, there is a matter of etiquette. Not all air dirty laundry in public. You are excused, FreeTalker.

        • FreeTalker – Have you considered the FACT that the Board Members may be following the instructions of the Attorney NOT to make any public comments? That maybe, just maybe, they aren’t “hiding.” That would be the sensible decision in the midst of this SlingFest.
          RE: pontificating. See Freedom of Speech for further information.
          RE: names of the Board Members. See The Freedom of Information Act and the Rules Pertaining to Non Profit Organizations. YOU have the right to “discover” the Board Members’ names and to print those names. You may state facts pertaining to those individuals. Why wait for them to appear when they most probably are under legal guidance to remain silent. Out them yourself, FreeTalker.

          • Regarding this unfortunate situation, my position is neutral. My concern is for the safety and welfare of the rescue animals; for the health of the organization. Animals Shelters, Zoos, Wildlife Preserves, and other precious creature not for profits depend largely in part upon the kindness of our financial support. The standard structure of those organizations includes the Director who answers to the Board. Board meetings can be closed. However, access to all documents including Board minutes taken by the Secretary are open to the public for review. The public also has the right to access all financial records, copies of cash receipts, in-kind donations, accounts payable, member list and donor list. Think of a not for profit as an “open book, open door” business.

            It is such a shame that 3 (2?) Board Members, the Winegards, an Attorney and Ms. Davies could not reach an acceptable, diplomatic agreement wherein each side gives a little in order to move forward with the health, welfare and safety of the precious creatures at the forefront and Ms. Davies retains her position.

  11. What would really be productive is if Cat Lover even remotely knew what they were talking about. Their comments scream Low Information Person. FOIA requires agencies of the Federal government to make certain information available for public inspection. It applies ONLY to the federal government – the executive department, the military, government-controlled corporations, and independent regulatory agencies.
    But that’s okay keep on rambling……. Cat Lover…….. You’re funny.

    • FreeTalker – RE: FOIA. You are incorrect.
      I am beginning to sense you are a bully. Please don’t go there. Please stop name calling. That is unnecessary and shines a light on your lack of character. Please remain civil. Thank you.

      • As follows is an excerpt from Illinois STATE Law RE: FOIA—

        (5 ILCS 140/) Freedom of Information Act.
        (5 ILCS 140/1) (from Ch. 116, par. 201)
        Sec. 1. Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government, it is declared to be the public policy of the State of Illinois that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials and public employees consistent with the terms of this Act. Such access is necessary to enable the people to fulfill their duties of discussing public issues fully and freely, making informed political judgments and monitoring government to ensure that it is being conducted in the public interest.
        The General Assembly hereby declares that it is the public policy of the State of Illinois that access by all persons to public records promotes the transparency and accountability of public bodies at all levels of government. It is a fundamental obligation of government to operate openly and provide public records as expediently and efficiently as possible in compliance with this Act.

        • It has become increasingly clear throughout the course of my life that when an individual or group of individuals feel threatened or feel they are “losing” in what may be categorized as debate or argument that individual or group grabs gutter verbiage. Can we please raise the bar and take the name calling, trash talk, and vitriol out of the dialogues? One can express passion and conviction without stooping to finger pointing and mud slinging. Please.

          FreeTalker – I am neutral in regard to the hearsay presented. I ask that when addressing me you do so with civility. Thank you.

          • FreeTalker – As I clearly stated, I am neutral in response to this sad situation. You, on the other hand, have expressed a desire for the introduction of the Board Members. Surely you know their names. If not, you must know someone who does know their names. Please do what you want done. Put their names in print. Be done with it. If you won’t, we will wonder why you didn’t.

        • Are you aware this is Maryland and not Illinois?
          FOIAs have NOT a thing to do with NON PROFITS! They only pertain to government agencies. YOU GOT IT! Even if the non profit receives government funding, grants etc FOIAs do not apply to them. YOU GOT IT. If you see this as bullying then so be it. If you had an ounce of sense you would see I’m trying to educate you, something you are in dire need of and which is about the only thing that is “increasingly clear” around here!
          You can’t even answer a few simple questions without going into some long rambling soliloquy which makes zero sense like quoting some other state’s laws!

          • FreeTalker – I do not need to be educated. I was merely presently a non Federal example. Of course, I realize the WCHS is in MD. The FOIA gives you additional personal access to view the documents of any non profit organization. I am intimately aware of the machinations of non profits including those which receive federal and state funding. Once again, you are incorrect and misguided.

            There is no need to continue to insult me. I have a right to respond at any length I choose. You do not have the right to control my responses.

            Cease and Desist.

          • For anyone who may wish to know:
            Freedom of Information Act – Internal Revenue Service
            Oct 24, 2013 … Enacted in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, gives any person the
            right to access federal agency records or information. … online through Guidestar,
            a privately funded database of nonprofit organizations.
   – 52k – Cached – Similar Pages

  12. Looks from afar that the people with lots of money are controlling the Animal Shelter and running the show. How is their membership more important than yours or mine? Who voted the Winegards King and Queen of the Worcester County Humane Society? They are not on the board, are normal folks like the rest of us but because they have millions of dollars and by paying a lawyer a lot of money these two people are wrecking havoc over a simple little animal protection organization in our little Worcester County. One person, one vote, right? Think not, 10 million dollars, 10 million votes. Does that seem right? Using ones wealth to the detriment of others seems evil.
    Kenille is 80 years old and dedicated her life to the pets at the shelter and instead of getting recognition for such self-less dedication to those in need, she gets this mess. She’d be probably be stepping aside on her on volition soon enough. Apparently that’s not fast enough for ‘certain kinds of people.’ Right, Hon?

      • And the improbability factor is infinite too. I.e. what are you saying? I’m saying if you are wealthy, you can threaten to file lawsuits against people without wealth and the wealthy win when the poor capitulate to them. Don’t understand? Then ask your attorney, Hon.

        • Shelter Fan has no idea what she is talking about. Carolyn Miller was never a volunteer at the Shelter, she was a paid employee. She left after a very nasty public argument with Kenille. She was never considered for the position of Director as she only lasted at the Shelter a few months and her job performance was sub-par. She is the one who has seized on this opportunity to come back in to the picture. The job is being advertised and she certainly could apply.

          she was never considered a prospect for Director as she only lasted at the shelter

          • Animal Caregiver,

            Was the Carolyn Miller mentioned by you also known as Carolyn Heit-Miller? She would be 53 years now.

            Did she ever work for Marlin Cove Owners Time Share Association?

            Thank you.

          • Wow. I think you are wrong. She left to take on a family emergency and was at dinner on 11/1, speaking friendly with everyone. Disgruntled people don’t attend benefit dinners and make donations. I didn’t say she was considered for the position of Director, it probably wasn’t available anyway. I said she seemed to me to be a person naturally capable of assuming such as position.

        • Those who do not have the funds to hire an attorney have several options depending on the case and individual’s needs. Are you suggesting that Ms. Davies’ needs an attorney to fight to retain her job? She could contact Legal Services. They provide low cost legal representation based on income.
          If she needs an attorney because she is the defendant in litigation and cannot afford legal representation, the court will appoint a public defender for her. The threat of a law suit in and of itself is merely that. A threat. Nothing more.
          It may be enlightening to know what is contained in the 7 page letter Ms. Davies received. What is not clear is what was the law suit threat action…what would they be suing her for doing or not doing?
          The other option for possible legal representation for Ms. Davies is a local attorney willing to work pro bono. Obviously, she is loved and well-respected. Certainly, in all of the Eastern Shore of Maryland there is an attorney willing to represent Ms. Davie pro bono to settle this matter to her satisfaction. Why did she fold and agree to resign?

          • You’re talking like things are working in the normal slow motion of legal matters. This all happened in a couple weeks. It takes that long to get a lawyer to understand what the heck you’re talking about.
            I think the Winegard’s would have a top notch attorney like OJ Simpson had. From my observations in courts being on juries and other civil matters, the free ones cut to the chase and want you to take the easy way out to make things easier on them. They’re working for free so the easier the better, otherwise it takes more time, and the one thing that all of us never have is enough time.

          • Cat Lover, you sound really legal experienced. Are you a State Trooper by chance, Hon?

          • Shelter Fan, I have enormous respect for all State Troopers and the work they do.

  13. Thinking about money. Remember the last presidential election? There were about a dozen Republican Presidential candidates talking in infinite debates.
    Which one ran in the actual election for President? The other 11 or so candidates would have had attorneys and had millions of dollars. But what the fellow that ran as the conservative candidate had on his side was Billions of dollars (with a capital B) — not knocking money it’s my friend — but it also has power. And Mitt used is cash to chip away at his foes in the primary elections, one by one, state by state. Newt gone, Rick out of the way, Ron done, Herman eating Godfathers Pizza, etc. Tick, Tack, Toe. Money, Money, Money.

  14. At one time or another in these comments everyone has made both good and bad points. This is what these comment boards are all about. What needs to stop immediately, are the guess the identity games, which are nothing more than an attempt to intimidate Carolyn. It’s doesn’t paint a pretty picture of those who opposed Kenille Davies. whether you are speaking directly for them or not.

    • Our esteemed letter writer is Carolyn H. Miller who once worked for Marlin Cove. Why is that an attempt to intimidate her. Is there something we should know?

  15. You both think you are being cute and clever. What you are really doing is painting the true picture of what Kenille and the others had to put up with, so please keep it coming so everyone can see what you all are really and truly made of. You are proof positive of what’s being posted on Friends for Kenille facebook is 100% accurate.
    So get Googling now! We want to see more of your intimidation and coercion tactics.

    • FreeTalker,
      I am sure you will be elated to know this is my last post. If you are as well informed and intelligent, albeit sarcastic, as I think you are then you know as well as I do that DAs and Judges will often agree to dismiss charges and ” prosecute no further” in exchange for a plea agreement.

      Sure hope this he said/she said/ they said/ who did what when /is over soon. It must be taking a toll on the animals. They are sensitive to human emotions.

      It will be Thanksgiving soon. Time to be grateful.

      • Kenille isn’t resigning because she did something wrong. She is resigning because the Winegard’s threatened to file lawsuits against everyone on the board except the opposition 2 folks.
        From afar, everyone on the board, until recently, were Kenille’s friends. The Winegard’s effectively divided the group by joining with 2 of them and threatening lawsuits. The board of the WCHS are mostly elderly folks, AARP types, and this isn’t what they bought into. From that, I mean rich folks from some other place butting in and dictating what would be done, OR ELSE.
        The Winegards are wealthy. Spending $50,000 to file lawsuits for which they might loose is cotton candy to them. That’s the trouble with money. Those that have it can wreck havoc. Sure, it’s probably unfounded. To make it ‘founded’ requires going to court and paying a lawyer for, say, 40 hours @ $400 an hour. That is $16,000.
        So, I would think that if one is simply benevolent and serving in a charitable manner on the board of the WCHS, on social security and barely making it, the idea of going to court is not very appealing.
        Cat Lover says she knows of free lawyers. I’ve never heard of one. ‘You have a right to an attorney’ is the old Dragnet line. But that’s not a right to a GOOD attorney or one that would invest time. We’re talking about folks charging $400 to $600 an hour. Would good ones work for free?

          • Just because you have never heard of one does not mean one does not exist. At the very best Law Firms, attorneys are encouraged to take on a pro bono case ( one that is good for the firm’s image and they work for FREE .)

            And yes, if you are charge in a criminal case and cannot afford an attorney, you will be represented by the State’s Public Defender. I thought you said you knew about court proceedings. Now, all of a sudden you don’t and you are poking fun at me. That is not very kind or nice, Shelter Fan.

  16. I can attest that Kenille is a hard worker and genuinely loves the animals at the shelter.

    I also know that the application process for adoption is unnecessarily long, and there is discrimination against vacationers and out-of-towners in the review process. In a place like Ocean City, where the local population is small, there’s no way that forbidding visitors from adopting pets is a good decision if the goal is to get pets animals out of the shelter. I know that overcrowding has been a problem for a long time at the WCHS, and that no policy changes have been effected in seven years to let adoption be easier to more people.

    • I’m willing to answer questions about my time at the shelter, but please know that my experience is very limited.

    • I’m an out-of-towner and have adopted 3 pets from the shelter over the years. My father-in-law is also an out-of-towner and also has adopted a pet.
      I know from talking with Kenille 15 years ago or so, that someone from DC adopted a pet and while Kenille told them that the shelter had first right of refusal, the people put the animal down, obviously something not in the pets best interest. Kenille would have driven to DC to pick it up.
      In 37 years, it’s perhaps possible to read people and learn whom with be a good caretaker. Part time volunteers might think that adopting all of the pets out as fast as possible is best. But, it’s best for the animal to be placed in a loving, caring home, and not just in any home. I’d think Kenille would learn a lot about that over the years.

    • In the large counties around Baltimore and DC, the process of adopting is really long, and requires an interview and an inspector to visit the potential adopters home. They do this to make sure the home is suitable. Not too many pets, age of children, etc, so the pet is placed in a good environment. They don’t want the pet harmed, returned, or euthanized. These steps help the pet but cost a lot and add weeks to an adoption process. But they have deep pockets since the local governments contribute to the shelters budget. Often, the county runs the shelter.

  17. To say that a State appointed Public Defender is NOT GOOD is mean-spirited and shows your lack of appreciation for the Judicial System. Public Defenders work long hours, are under paid, must be well trained as they work for the State, and these Lawyers are on a career track. Many eventually become Judges. Anyone who bases the Bar can hang out a legal shingle and open a practice. Not all will qualify to work for the State. Are you understanding what I have written?

  18. Cat Lover, take your time and read what was said slowly. The points the person above was making was ‘Good’ and ‘Willing to invest time’.

    “But that’s not a right to a GOOD attorney or one that would invest time. We’re talking about folks charging $400 to $600 an hour. Would ***good*** (sic) ones work for free?”

    • Yes, I have known $1000 hr attorneys who worked pro bono. It is not out of the realm of possibilities to find a GOOD and high dollar attorney who works pro bono depending on the case. So, yes, they are out there. Folks need to post a notice on all Legal websites explaining the situation and the needs. Somebody must know how to do that.

  19. Cat Lover, take your time and read what was said slowly. The points the person above was making was ‘Good’ and ‘Willing to invest time’.

    “But that’s not a right to a GOOD attorney or one that would invest time. We’re talking about folks charging $400 to $600 an hour. Would ***good*** (sic) ones work for free?”

    The Public Defenders are usually younger attorneys getting their feet wet. Might be nice people. Probably don’t have the skills of Johnnie Cochran or Peter Angelos.

    • Well, Ponderer, what kind of lawsuit are we looking at here? Does it need a J. C. Or a P.A.? Just how bad is this lawsuit? You make it sound pretty darn awful and in need of big guns. So what are the allegations that would require such a powerful Defense Attorney?

      • Nothing is bad except for the people that aren’t friendly and have plans to retire from a state job.
        You are trying to change comments about how the wealthy use the legal system to intimidate people to something about the shelter.
        The claims about the shelter operations are unfounded and the rich folks have no legal standing (legalese, they are not related to the matter legally). But that isn’t stopping them. They’re rich. Maybe they need an elevator for their car.
        The point was:
        1. Lawyers are expensive. a RELATIVELY CHEAP ONE IS $400/hr. That is $7.00/minute.
        2. Attorneys would go broke working for free. It cost them to learn their trade.
        3. Police get paid to write tickets. I get paid to work.
        4. Rich people use attorneys to get their way even with unfounded accusations. Especially if they threaten to sue everyone. It’s peanuts to them and a lifetime savings to anyone else.
        5. Court is expensive. It’s not just the 8 hours in court, there is Discovery, Interrogatories, lawyers talking back and forth, a pre-trial conference. Easily adding up to 50 hours. At $400/hr that is $20,000.
        6. All of which in this matter is probably unfounded and the Winegards probably has no standing to file any claims. But, even without standing, the Winegard’s can file cases. It would have to go to court to find they have no basis for the claim. But the shear risk of the cost of going to court is interjecting in this matter on the side of the shelter since THEY HAVE NO MONEY and the other folks have too much.

        • money makes the world go round. Sure would help if folks in OC started a fund to raise the money for the “opposing” side to have an attorney. Why doesn’t someone like FreeTalker or Carolyn Miller and you, Shelter Fan work to pass the hat to raise the money that is needed? That would really be a great show of support.

  20. Point: *Good* Attorneys don’t work for free. Go to McDonalds and ask for a free Big Mac. A $4.00 item. Will you get it?
    Pro-Bono: Limited time. Not fighting folks of means. Why? See below:
    People of Means: No concern of cost. Can continue fighting infinitum (latin) english: infinately) regardless of prior outcomes or possible future outcomes. Want their way.

    • Well, sounds pretty much like you have decided the outcome. There is no hope. Everything is dark and gloomy. I will pray for you.

      • You are so manipulative. You think people are dumb, they’ll read your post and miss the real point. There is nothing dark about Shelter Fans post. They’re saying lawyers cost money, over and over. And you say they don’t. Lawyers can’t be charging the high fees if people aren’t paying them. Fact: Lawyers charge a lot of money.
        Also, if you can read, the point about the Winegards attorney, is the Winegards are rich, so they would have a good one and not care about cost. Nothing else was said, but you try to add some criminal ga-ga. You must be a cop. You absolutely have your own agenda.
        Having an attorney to get legal advice doesn’t mean one has done anything wrong. Buy a house, use an attorney. Get threatened by other board members with attorneys, and a rich couple with attorneys, get one yourself. Get in a car accident not of your own fault and get hurt, get an attorney. They actually provide valuable services – they just are expensive. I hired one to work on a real estate matter and was asked what I did for a living. Why would they ask that Cat Lover? Money. It did cost a lot. But they resolved the matter equitably.
        Manipulate my statements too, please.

        • Sorry you are moving to labeling people. Don’t know how anything I have stated falls in your category. We are entitled to a personal opinion. Sorry if we don’t see eye to eye. I really hope some great lawyer steps up to the plate for the “opposing” side. Things should be balanced and fair. Give everybody an opportunity to speak their truth.

  21. You are trying to obfuscate the issue. Nothing was done wrong. Lawyers are expensive. How’s your wallet doing, Cat Lover?

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