Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

vanishing 9-27

Hurricane Gloria struck Ocean City a glancing blow on Sept. 27, 1985. Had she scored a direct hit, the loss might have been devastating, perhaps as bad as that experienced by New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy. As it was, Gloria left the Boardwalk in pieces and the amount of sand deposited on the town’s streets was exceeded only by the infamous March Storm of ’62.
Despite the damage, Hurricane Gloria left a positive legacy. It became the catalyst for one of the most important projects in Ocean City’s history — the beach replenishment program. In a joint effort between federal, state and local governments, sand was pumped from the ocean floor and the beaches widened. A seawall was built along the Boardwalk with steel sections driven 35 feet into the sand. Finally, the dune line was rebuilt from 27th Street to the Delaware line.
It’s been 28 years and Hurricane Gloria remains the last storm to destroy Ocean City’s Boardwalk.
Photo courtesy of Doris and Al Kemp

4 thoughts on “Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

  1. Huricane Sandy was punishment for filming Jersey Shore. It took a heavy duty storm to wash away the Snookie tracks.

  2. Keep on Keepin on with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Funding will NEVER run out with USACE so replenishment needs to continue!


  3. I understand making a joke but joking about another persons tragedy should not be taken lightly. Especially considering that we were only about 90 miles south of the southern brunt of that storm.

  4. the distance between “sandy” and ocean city can be described as “breath-taking”. consider the plight of the other ocean city.

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