The Resorter … Revisited

Resorter 8-30

Summer of 1977
Volume XXIII
Edition 6

Issue Highlights
(BULLET)This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Baltimore resident Dottie Caldwell, who was 21 years old when pictured.
(BULLET)Herb Reed of the Original Platters was stopping in Ocean City at the Hurricane for two shows over the weekend.
(BULLET)All that was required for two-bedroom, two-bath condominiums at The Quay was 5% down for the most qualified buyers.
(BULLET)At this time, South Moon Under had three resort locations — 33rd Street, 81st Street and 137th Street.
(BULLET)Among those topping the entertainment listings were Lifetime, appearing at the Brass Ring; Better Half, Sheraton; Bobby DeSantis Quartet, The Embers; Roger Hernandez, Fager’s Island; Preston Pardue, Phillips by the Sea; Admirals, Gazebo; and Bruce Westcott, Bonfire.
(BULLET)The Likewise sun wear store in the Village Market Plaza was celebrating its 10th anniversary with a midnight celebration sale from midnight-3 a.m.
(BULLET)The OC Promenaders, a square dancing group, appeared on the convention center’s schedule for this weekend.

One thought on “The Resorter … Revisited

  1. 1977 was my first year of three in OC. Started with Capt Craig and the OCBP but left to take Telescopes on the beach and work as a doorman at the Purple Moose.
    Came back for three years and now coming for my second year to stay for a few weeks 37 years later.
    Rico Rossi is still in town and he was my roommate in 78 along with all his girlfriends.

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