The Resorter … Revisited

Resorter 8-16

Summer of 1965
Volume XI
Edition 2

Issue Highlights

  • Bobby Baker’s Carousel was called itself the “most luxurious year around resort motel on the coast.”
(BULLET)Welsh Pharmacy on 28th Street was happy to announce it was now an “authorized Kodak dealer.”
  • In his customary blunt ways, Editor Dick Lohmeyer’s After Dark began, “So summer has arrived. The cobwebs of winter have been dispelled from the fat little bodies of once lazy local business people and everyone has the appearance of the long distance runner. Memorial Day has come and went. The kids who always want to be treated like adults have settled their annual fist fights, car accidents and apartment wrecking routines.”
  • In his City Hall report, Councilman C.H. Shuey reported on public transportation changes. He wrote, “Bus stops for the new city bus system will be three blocks apart — they will be marked. You may have to walk as far as one and a half blocks to get one. The bus fare is 25 cents. Season books or season cards are available at a bargain rate of probably about 15 cents — no refunds.”
  • This summer marked the celebration of a new swimming pool at the Sunset View Motel, which was located at 48th Street and managed by Ed. P. Lewis.
  • At this time, the specialty of the house at The Embers North on 24th Street was “charco-broiled blue ribbon western beef.”

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