NEW FOR THURSDAY: OC Police Defends Beach Melee Handling


OCEAN CITY — Despite conflicting reports about the melee on the beach at N. Division Street last Sunday afternoon that resulted in three men being arrested on assault charges and a pregnant woman being wrestled to the ground, Ocean City police officials this week are standing by the actions of the officers involved.

Around 2:30 p.m. last Sunday, Ocean City Police responded to a reported group of disorderly males. The request for assistance came from an Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard, who told police he approached the group to speak with them, at which time he was threatened.

When OCPD officers attempted to speak with the suspect, identified as Abdul Kargbo, 25, of Woodbridge, Va., he began cursing and yelling at the officers and attempted to leave the scene. As officers attempted to arrest Kargbo, several other members in the disorderly group began to yell at police and act in a threatening manner, according to police reports.

What happened next, according to the police report and according to a witness on the beach, was a pushing and shoving match between the suspects and police, including punches thrown, as officers attempted to detain the combatants. By that time, a large crowd had gathered causing additional officers to respond to the scene.

Two other suspects, Musa Seisay, 24, of Garrisonville, Md., and Saidu Kargbo, 21, of Woodbridge, Va., allegedly assaulted officers and resisted arrest. A fourth individual, later identified as Dalima Palmer, 24, of Dumfries, Va., who was nine months pregnant at the time, was also involved in the fray and verbally and physically abused the arresting officers, according to police.

During the struggle, Palmer was wrestled to the beach by OCPD officers and an attempt was made to handcuff her. When the dust settled, Abdul Kargbo was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Saidu Kargbo and Seisay were each charged with resisting arrest, second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing and hindering a police officer.

Palmer was also taken into custody and was transported for processing. According to police spokeswoman Lindsay O’Neal, during processing on charges of assault and reckless endangerment, Palmer began to experience labor pains and was transported to the hospital where she had an emergency C-section.

Palmer’s charging process was halted when it became apparent she needed to be taken to a hospital, but she will faces charges at a later date.

“She hasn’t been formally charged,” she said. “While she was in our custody, she started feeling labor pains and we released her to the hospital. At that point, we had to drop her charging process. She will be formally charged with assault and other misdemeanors at a later date.”

Two days after the incident, the suspects’ family and friends told a Washington, D.C. television news station the OCPD account of the incident was false and that the group was not being disruptive on the beach. The suspects’ relatives instead claimed the incident was veiled in hints of profiling and racism.

The suspects’ relatives provided the TV station with a now well-publicized cellphone video of a portion of the incident that clearly shows it escalating from a shouting match between the defendants and police to a physical confrontation with the pregnant Palmer in the middle of the fray. O’Neal said the circumstances involving Palmer being taken to the ground on the beach by an officer attempting to handcuff her were unfortunate, but she said the department is standing by the actions of officers involved.

“It’s very unfortunate the way the circumstances happened, but at this time we’re standing by the actions of our officers,” she said. “What we’re saying is, a video shows a very small portion of a much larger 360-degree views and not all of the actions that took place are depicted in it.”

The OCPD took several witness reports on the beach and all have been consistent.

“We will review any and all video we receive, and if it’s deemed necessary, an internal investigation will take place,” she said. “Thus far, we haven’t received any formal complaints. In addition, numerous witness statements taken after the incident have corroborated the actions taken by our officers.”

One reliable source on the beach close to the situation corroborated the official OCPD position.

“What I saw was a bunch of people throwing punches and resisting arrest, and then pulling out cell phones and filming, yelling police brutality and racism and that sort of thing,” the source said. “The cops really did a nice job of getting it under control. From my perspective, it was a bunch of people who would not listen to the guard and then they felt the need to stand off with the cops. They got what they deserved and it doesn’t matter whether they were black, white or Raven’s purple. You reap what you sow.”

To view a video of the family’s video that has now become an Internet sensation, click here:

12 thoughts on “NEW FOR THURSDAY: OC Police Defends Beach Melee Handling

  1. good job oc beach patrol and ocpd, we appreciate your service. Just wish there were penalties for unjustly crying racism.

  2. Clearly this group of 30 arrived at the beach and caused problems immediately. OC lifeguards and police acted appropriately to deal with their bad behavior. At least one has a lengthy court record. They should be ashamed, as should those who defend them; OC welcomes visitors, but you have to be respectful of other vacationers and obey the lawful authorities. Real simple. They played the race card right away, as a defense for their bad behavior.

  3. The only reason more people weren’t arrested was because there just weren’t enough cops there to keep handcuffing. If these people had just acted like normal, considerate beachgoers they would never have met the police. If they hadn’t acted a fool when the police got there, nobody would have been in any trouble. If they hadn’t gone and started assaulting the cops they wouldn’t have gotten thrown around.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  4. Good job OCPD. This group set out to do exactly what they did, show how uneducated and disrespectful they could be, with families trying to enjoy their vacation. Bet you dollar to a do-nut, the baby that was born will be on our dime. Along with the rest of them. Can we take “racial” out of our language? Always the excuse for some people that want to show the have no proper upbringing or respect.

  5. By the way. Thanks to OCPD and all emergency agencies, for keeping me and my family safe, while at the beach. I have been coming to the beach for over 40 years. You guys work hard, deal with the misfits in a professional ways. Do not let them win. I have to sell my house in Balto. because some people like to act like they have no sense. Hoping to be a resident in OC, and glad you may be my protection. You are the best!

  6. My 3rd comment, which will not be posted by the Dispatch. The names say it all. And yet we welcome any darn body here. Let them act like animals in their own country!

  7. The version of events communicated by the source in this article is the only one that passes the stink test from a logic standpoint. The idea that a guard left his post to harass these people without cause, or that the OCPD chose a crowded beach on a July afternoon to execute brutality and racism is ridiculous. The media will likely play this up for ratings, and who knows, maybe even creatively edit things to inflame emotions further, so it is important that the witnesses mentioned be willing to tesify as to what they saw. As residents and property owners, we need to stand up and support the efforts of the OCPD to maintain order. We can’t afford to tolerate this crap, too much has happened already.

  8. Mr. Green displayed biasness by refusing to publish my comment earlier, and “attempted” to block me as well ALL because he disagrees with my opinion so he will most likely reject this one as well even though I will tone it down a little bit for him…

    What I stated in a nutshell is that OC cops are not the innocent angels make them out to be on the pedestals many of you naively exalt them on & a majority of Worcester County residents, including those in O.C., are in fact – racists.

  9. All of the comments you allowed to be posted are VERY One-Sided…don’t you agree Mr. Green?

    You have criticized others of their bias and hypocritical behavior in the past, but I assume your similar-type behavior is justifiable and that your supporters will back you up.

  10. For those of you who truly believe that OC’s police force entirely consists of a bunch of innocent and law-abiding angels – it’s time for you to take off your rose-colored glasses. Many of these officers are corrupt, as proven with the recent arrest of former cop David Catrino.

    Many of them are young punks and older corrupt ones who abuse their power, have no morals or integrity, and think they are invincible. WAKE UP people, especially the ranting & raving Val Dress – who do you think you are judging people with “Stone Casting” racist remarks Val!?

  11. Typical response profiling and racism after they ruin everyone else s good time. Profiling should be legal period.

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